4 Vital Questions To Ask When Selling Your Gold Jewelry

If you want to earn money instantly, then selling your unwanted gold jewelry is a great idea. Most people fail to realize just how much value their old jewelry has. Working with a reputable and experienced buyer like Truval New York is a great way to get the best deal possible. If you are new to this kind of venture, the following vital questions might help you out with this kind of business.

Here some of the questions you should ask when selling your gold jewelry.

1. How Long Has the Buyer Been in the Business?

Finding out how long they have been in the business is a must in choosing the right gold buyer. Generally speaking, the longer a buyer exist in the business, the less hassle it is for you  to find them should you need their services right away. Experienced buyer gives you the right value of your jewelry.

2. Do They Have Customer Testimonials? 

Another great way of checking out more about a gold buyer is  customer testimonials. Check the buyer’s website and they will usually display client reviews prominently. Ideally, you want to choose a buyer that has a number of positive reviews from past customers. If you are unable to find any reviews or testimonials about a particular company, then you probably need to skip considering them. The last thing you want during the gold selling process is unwanted surprises, which is why investing time in this type of research is a must.

3. How Will They Assign a Value to Your Jewelry?

The next thing you need to ask to a gold buyer before choosing them is how they will assign value to the items. You want to find a buyer that is familiar with the precious metals market and that uses an accurate scale to weigh the jewelry you have brought in. It is probably a good idea for you to do a bit of research regarding the price of gold before meeting your buyer. If you are not comfortable the way your buyer assess the value of your jewelry, then you will probably need to find another buyer to help you out.

4. Are the Stones in the Jewelry Valuable?

Most gold jewelry have stones in it. These stones are diamonds and other precious materials. Thus, you need to make sure that if there are valuable stones in your jewelry, you are getting the right price or rate. These gemstones cost much.


To conclude, using a reputable and experienced gold buyer leads you to getting your jewelry price at the right rates. Avoid rushing through the selection of a gold buyer. Take the time to assess all of the buyers in your area before making any decisions. With the help of the professionals at Truval, you will be able to get the money you deserve for your gold jewelry. Call them or go to their website to find out more about this company.

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9 thoughts on “4 Vital Questions To Ask When Selling Your Gold Jewelry

  1. Hannah Neilson Reply

    I agree that you want to read customer testimonials when choosing a cash for gold service. Considering what other clients have to say would be really helpful. My brother is looking for a cash for gold service, so he’ll have to consider testimonial reviews.

  2. Hannah Neilson Reply

    Thanks for saying that you need to consider the stones of your gold jewelry when selling it. It would be an important factor because it would ensure that you get what its worth. My sister wants to sell her old wedding ring after a divorce, so she’ll have to consider the stones.

  3. Riley Smith Reply

    I like that you talked about finding a buyer that uses accurate scales. I have been thinking about selling jewelry to help pay for school. It would be smart to find someone that has an accurate scale so I know I’m getting a fair price.

  4. Millie Hue Reply

    Thank you for pointing out the importance of choosing a buyer that is accurate when it comes to assigning a value to precious metals and have a reliable weighing scale. How will I know that though? Should I check their websites and see what other people have to say about them and their service? This is really important for me because I am planning to sell a broken necklace that is over 80 years old and is made of pure gold.

  5. Amy Winters Reply

    Thanks for suggesting that we ask potential jewelry buyers how they plan on determining the value of our jewelry, since you’ll want a buyer who’s familiar with the correct process for pricing precious metals. I’ve been low on cash lately and have been considering selling some of my gold jewelry. I wasn’t sure how to find a buyer or what questions to ask, so thanks for sharing these helpful tips!

  6. Sam Li Reply

    I love what you suggested about asking how value will be determined for different items. Selling gold is a great option if you are looking to make a quick buck. If I were to sell gold jewelry, I would make sure to work with a reliable company that can give me the help I need.

  7. Ellie Davis Reply

    Thank you for these tips on selling jewelry. My mother is needing to sell some things. I’ll have to look into finding the best place for her to sell her jewelry.

  8. Dean Phillips Reply

    I thought it was interesting how you said that you should find a jewelry buyer who is familiar with the market. My wife and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, but we do not have enough money to take a trip. It would be great if we could find someone to appraise her old jewelry so that we can sell it for extra cash.

  9. Kate Hansen Reply

    It’s good to know that it is a must to see how long they have been in business. My sister was telling me a couple of days ago about how she has some gold jewelry that she doesn’t wear often, and that she wants to look into selling, and she wants to make sure that she finds the right company to sell them to. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so that she can know how to find a good company to sell her gold jewelry to.

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