Real Estate Agent Max Polyakov: a Long and Way from Poverty to Success

Max Polyakov is a successful entrepreneur who has started a lot of businesses already. But was he successful forever? Definitely not. He is an example of a person who doesn’t only dream but acts as well. Remember he who would eat the nut must first crack the shell. That is the whole secret.

Early Life

Max Polyakov was born to a very poor family. Together with his two siblings, they dreamed to have a big and comfortable house. Their parents didn’t manage to earn enough money so decided to migrate to the USA from the Soviet Union one day. Prosperous life for next generations was their American dream.

American dream: a cat in gloves catches no mice

Those who wanted to immigrate to the USA were sure it would become their new home. In fact, they dreamed about new possibilities, enormous income as well as a great job. It seems all problems would disappear when arriving to the new land.

Polyakov parents were among those brave people who gathered all things and went to New Jersey. Unfortunately, their dreams remained to be just dreams. The absence of legal documents didn’t allow the couple to find a high-paid job. Father had to work hard to bring home food. So children started to earn money very early. Max Polyakov worked in pizza delivery when he was only 13.

A boy knew that he had to study hard to achieve good results. That’s why he became one of the best students and won a scholarship at New York University. Parents were very proud of him. It should be noticed that only a purpose-driven person could move to a big city. But it was not a problem for a young man as he had a big dream – to earn so much to be able to afford everything he wanted since childhood.

New York: the place of future success birth

Just imagine how many opportunities a big city has. Max Polyakov just couldn’t pass them by. All those people who tried to become successful also influenced him greatly. A fantastic skyline of New York drove him crazy. It was the beginning of Max Polyakov’s Noosphere blog. There he wrote about real estate options and attracted many visitors. Interesting discussions and articles made the blog very popular.

He helped followers to choose the ideal house thanks to detailed comparisons and descriptions. All in all, they got a chance to purchase accommodation that was not only affordable but comfortable as well. Finally, Max Polyakov was hired by a respected company. Soon he became a trusted person to sell the most expensive houses. A young man started to support parents financially.

Noosphere: new life and achievements

Max Polyakov worked as a real estate agent for three years. But one day he made an excellent decision to change life and take the risk. A young man rented an office and started to build his own business. It is not surprising that very soon, with the support of his existing and new clients, Polykov became successful. Noosphere blog was not just about writing anymore. It became a popular company that developed quickly. Finally, Max Polyakov was able to realize the American dream and become a well-known businessman.

Isn’t it fantastic to become a millionaire when you are only 26? Of course, it is. Polyakov managed to do it.

His siblings are also achievers in their own field. Now they can afford things they have been dreaming in the childhood. So never give up and stay focus on your goal no matter what other people say. Reach your dreams and become successful. Max Polyakov is a good example to follow.

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