Live Stream Platform Ampli.Fi Enables Direct Fan Interaction wiith Musicians

It’s like, but for musicians. Bart Decrem, owner of Ampli.Fi and former vice president in charge of Disney mobile games, says that he is excited about his new project and how it would bring people together with music.

The online livestream platform will allow musicians to directly interact with their fan base through live video sessions. Fans can in turn support the artists by subscribing which costs $5 a month. Last week, around sixty fans from all over the world tuned in as street singer Naeman held his first livestream in Ampli.Fi.

This idea, however, is not new. will have to compete with existing livestream platforms such as YouNow and Stageit. But compared to other platforms which cater to different content genres, Decrem said that Ampli.Fi will solely focus on music.

Decrem was also the founder and former CEO of mobile game startup Tapulous before he sold it to Disney.

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