Disclaimer Policy

The interviewee shall attempt to answer the questions only after reading and agreeing to the copyright Transfer Policy first. The document denotes the policy in use by Founder’s Guide for conducting interviews.

Copyright Policy

The Interviewee represents that he is the primary author and proprietor of the content revealed in the Interview. The interviewee warrants and guarantees that the contribution is original on his or her part, and is in no way a violation of, or an infringement upon, any copyright belonging to any third party.

The Interviewee shall agree to hold the Publisher harmless against any suit, demand, claim or recovery, finally sustained, by reason of any violation of proprietary right or copyright, or any unlawful matter contained in any published work of Founder’s Guide and Bizceed Company.

The Interviewee does hereby assign and transfer to Founder’s Guide the entire right in and to all works based upon, derived from, or incorporating the content and in and to all rights corresponding to the foregoing throughout the world. All contributions of content or other information taped in the Interview by the Interviewee shall become the property of Founder’s Guide and Bizceed Company.

The Interviewee hereby provides express permission to Founder’s Guide/Bizceed to publish his/her responses to the Interview questions as a part of an article or video content at foundersguide.com and other corresponding sister sites managed by Bizceed. Also, the interviewee shall receive no royalty payments from the work.

Glossary of terms

1. Firm Name means Complete Firm Name of the Interviewee

2. Interview means an interview where responses are taped through audio / video devices.

3. Publisher means Founder’s Guide/ Bizceed Company/ Interviewer: Founder’s Guide Correspondent

By agreeing to publish your interview article through Founder’s Guide, the company reserves the right to entitlement and copyright. In accordance and in agreement to the Interview Release Waiver and Interview Agreement Guidelines. This will be as follows:

In order to assist the Publishers (Founder’s Guide) in the preparation of the Work, I have agreed to be interviewed and to provide information and other materials to be used in connection with the Work, including my personal experiences, remarks, and recollections as well as any photographs and documents that I may choose to give to the Publisher (the Interview Materials). I hereby grant and assign to the Bizceed Co. and his/her licensees, successors, and assigns the following rights in connection with the Interview Materials for use as part of the Work or any advertising, packaging, or promotional materials for the Work, in any and all editions, versions, and media, in perpetuity and throughout the world.
The right to quote or paraphrase all or any portion of the Interview Materials, and to generally use and publish the Interview Materials, including my experiences, recollections, incidents, remarks, dialogue, actions, and information, as well as any photographs and documents that I may give to them.

The right to use my name, image, and biographical data.

3. The right to develop, produce, distribute, advertise, promote, or otherwise exploit the Work as an online article or any other conduits, in any manner that the Publisher or his/her assigns deems appropriate. I understand and acknowledge that Bizceed Co.or his/her assigns will be the sole owner of all copyright and other rights in and to the Work.

In order to enable and develop the Work in any manner that they may deem best, I hereby release and discharge Bizceed Co. and his/her licensees, successors, and assigns, from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action that I may have against them by reason of anything contained in the Work, or any of the above uses, including any claims based on the right of privacy, the right of publicity, copyright, libel, defamation, or any other right.

In consideration of the foregoing, I acknowledge and agree that I am not entitled to receive any other form of payment from the Publishers and/or his/her licensees, successors, and assigns.

Agreed and confirmed by the interviewee.