Why is Seed Money Needed for your Business?

Seed money is another word for capital or funding. Seed money is needed in order to allow the business to function and prosper. Businesses have a number of options when it comes to funding. Such options includes loan, one’s own savings, fundraisers, or a person’s monetary inheritance. Business will learn that they are not limited to just the use of one source of seed money. Seed money can come from as little as one or as many sources as needed. For example, a person may use their savings to start a business only to find out that they are a little short. This individual may obtain a loan only to find out that he or she still doesn’t have enough. In order to retrieve the rest of the funding the business owner may plan a fundraiser. With the help of three seeding sources the new business owner now has the ability to officially open the business. Without seed money the business would just be an idea. Seed money plays a huge part in today’s businesses.

Purchases and rentals

There is a range of businesses that require seed money in order to start. The seed money can help to pay for the rent or lease of your business location. The building or the office space that a business lease or rents are one of the biggest bills associated with starting a building. Without an ample amount of funding, there would be no place of business. In addition to helping secure a location for a business, seed money also makes it possible to purchase equipment, supplies, materials, and even business cards. A lack of seed money means that you would not have the proper objects to run or advertise your business. When you are lacking in supplies and equipment, then you set yourself up to fail before you even start.

Salaries and expenses

When you start a new business, more than likely you will need to hire people to work for you. Unfortunately, since you are a new business, you will probably fail to see a profit for an extended amount of time. Your employees do not want to get paid with the promise of payment they want a regular check for providing you their time. Seed money can be used to help with this situation. Your seed money can be budgeted so it will include a certain number of months of employee salaries. Not being worried about your employee’s salaries can help to eliminate unnecessary stress. In addition, to helping you pay for the salaries of your employees, seed money can pay for your utility bill or insurance or other expenses that are connected with starting a business.


Once you have started your business and have made profits and have a list of loyal customers, the unexpected can sometimes occur. These unexpected events can come in the form of a fire, flooding, malfunctioning HVAC systems, broken water heater, or a robbery. Some of these unexpected events are covered by insurance, but the rest is required to be handled out of your pocket. Though you have made some profits, the cost of repairs can cause you not to be able to afford paying bills or the wages for your employees. In this particular situation seed money can come to the rescue. You can apply for a loan to help cover needed repairs or to purchase needed items for your business.


No business wants to stay the same size forever. If you fail to increase your business then you are simply losing money due to the rising cost of living. If you are consistently able to increase your business and need more space for your customers than expanding your location will be ideal. If you are not able to expand your current location, then you may want to open a new business at a different location or even relocate all together. Whichever option you choose will require money. Many businesses utilize a host of seed money options in order to expand their business. One great option is hosting a fundraising event. An engraved brick can help you successfully execute your fundraiser so that you will have the funds to expand your business.

In this United States, you do not have to be rich in order to achieve your dream as a business owner, you will just need to understand the many options you have to obtain seed money.

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