Revealed: The Top 5 Strategies Startups Must Follow To Tighten Up Their Data Security

When you set up a new business, the last thing you want is for a security breach to happen. It can have devastating consequences for your startup, even though it isn’t your fault. Have you just launched your business? If so, these super strategies will help you tighten up your IT data security:

Top 5 Strategies Startups Must Follow To Tighten Up Their Data Security

Top 5 Strategies Startups Must Follow To Tighten Up Their Data Security

1. Create a data security policy

How often should you and your users change passwords? Which parts of your network do you want accessible online? And which ones should you keep protected in your LAN? A data security policy is a must so that everyone can follow it from day one.

2. Become data security experts

It’s crucial that both you and your employees know how a business network can be vulnerable. That way, you can put into place best practices to avoid any potential hacking attempts.

3. Password-protect all sensitive data

Needing a password to log into a network is one thing. But, how else do you plan on protecting any sensitive data, such as customer records? You should ensure such data is as secure as reasonably possible.

4. Lock down your Wi-Fi

One of the easiest ways for hackers to break into a corporate network is through Wi-Fi. There are many steps you can take to lock down your wireless networks. Examples include hiding SSIDs and using superior encryption.

5. Avoid using public cloud solutions

Public cloud services can open your business data up to all kinds of hacking attempts. The infographic below illustrates some of the security issues of using public cloud solutions:

infographic designed by White-label File Sharing

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