IT Mistakes Which Could Hurt Your Business

IT Mistakes Which Could Hurt Your Business
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Computers and the internet have changed the face of the world, businesses now operate in completely different way to that of which they used to years ago, thanks to the constant advantage of technology. We use computers for personal and business use, and although many of us are quite proficient, there are still countless mistakes to avoid if we want our systems to continue running smoothly.

Have An Expert On Hand

Having an expert on your staff really can pay dividends. He can keep everything up to date, ensure your firewall, malware, spyware and virus protection is running on the newest iterations and generally perform upkeep procedures on all of your machines. You can even hire one on an ad-hoc basis so you don’t have to pay a full time salary. This is particularly useful if you only run a small business with fewer computers. They can come out from time to time and check everything is in working order.

Not Asking For Help When It’s Needed

Some business owners, and indeed individuals, will try to fix rather serious problems themselves instead of asking for professional IT Support. Doing this can make the problem worse, most people troubleshoot online and try a fix that’s only suitable for a slightly different model computer. If something serious happens you can save yourself money by getting it fixed properly in the first instance.

IT Mistakes Which Could Hurt Your Business
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They Don’t Back Everything Up

Backing up data is incredibly important for all business types, especially in this day and age. There are plenty of individuals who could cause harm by sending you a virus in an email or via other means. It’s better safe than sorry. Try to back everything up offline, so you’ve always got something to go back to if you need to restore your systems. There are even online backup systems you can pay for, so you’ve always got that peace of mind.

Train Your Staff

If you train your staff in IT proficiency then they’re more likely to be able to rectify smaller problems themselves. You can send them on courses or if you’re proficient teach them yourselves. If they know the ins and outs of the system they’re using then perhaps they’ll be more productive on a day to day basis. It’ll also mean there’s less frustration in the workplace.

Keep An Eye On Network Security

You need to make sure your colleagues aren’t accessing potentially dangerous websites from your computer. This includes opening personal email accounts. The reason is that so many viruses come in the form of email attachments which can cause havoc if they’re opened. Pushing good practice can stop any disasters occurring and also increase productivity.

Buying The Wrong Software and Hardware

New businesses can often overspend on what they actually need. You can save a ton of cash if you only buy the exact amount of terminals you need to function, the same applies to your software, only purchase what you need. A business analyst can help you with this, if you aren’t sure what you need, outline what you want your computers to do and what your business is and they’ll tell you exactly what you need to function.

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