Amidst the Growing Remote Workforce: 10 Tips for Safe and Efficient File Sharing

File sharing is one of the most important technologies of the 21st century, especially in the workplace. Even more so, safe file sharing is critical. In fact, 80 percent of people agree that it is not only safe, file sharing is also vital, but it’s a must to protect intellectual property and that, without safety being an aspect of file sharing, the consequences could potentially be serious.

Since it’s agreed that file-sharing that’s safe is a must, below are several tips for achieving both safe and efficient file sharing.

Amidst the Growing Remote Workforce: 10 Tips for Safe and Efficient File Sharing

  • Refrain from sending important files over email.

Although file sharing via email can be quick and easy, if it’s a particularly important file, especially if it involves confidential information, it’s best to avoid file transfer through this method. Not only can email accounts be easily hacked, but file-sending isn’t always secure through email.

  • Always use a secure connection.

Sending files through a secure connection means that you’re sending it through an encrypted space, which is what you want. The last thing you want is for your data to be vulnerable to hackers by sending information with an insecure connection.

  • Stick with complicated passwords.

One of the biggest ways to put a network at risk is to use very simple passwords. The easier they are, the more likely a hacker may enter uninvitedly. Use strong and lengthy passwords with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Don’t forget to regularly update your passwords.

Not only is coming up with complex passwords vital but so is remembering to update them every month or few. Set electronic reminders, or write on your calendar to remind yourself to update your passwords.

  • If possible, avoid the use of USBs.

USBs might seem like a safe alternative for file sharing. But unfortunately, they can easily be lost due to their size and fall into the hands of a complete stranger.

  • Hover before you click on any links.

These days, you can never be so sure of links, especially in emails. It’s a good idea to hover over the link to verify if it’s truly what you think it will lead to before clicking on it. If it’s to a website you’d normally visit, but you still don’t trust clicking the link, visit the website manually by typing it into your browser or searching for the website via a search engine.

  • Ensure your security software is updated.

Your devices can never be too safe and secure. Failing to update your security software in a timely manner can invite hackers in a jiffy.

  • If you must use email to receive a file, always triple check the sender.

Any email can look safe, but it doesn’t mean it is. Before clicking a link or downloading a file from an email, make sure the sender is who they appear to be. Even if the sender’s name looks legit, the sender email may not. Check it closely for suspicious characters or an incorrect domain.

  • When in doubt, don’t download.

Are you unsure if a file is safe to download or open? Trust your gut instinct, and simply don’t interact with it. If you can, attempt to verify its safety prior to considering opening it.

  • Use a program designed to share files safely.

One of the best ways to ensure safe and efficient file sharing is by using a solution primarily to help people share files in a secure manner. Yes, they really exist! Some common features of these programs include file locking, remote file access, web editing, and mobile access.


File sharing is perhaps one of the most important processes in many places of work. However, it can also potentially lead to viruses and malware, which can ultimately damage a network and lead to permanent file loss or compromise important information. When sharing files safely, however, you can significantly limit the associated risks of such.

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