3 Pros and Cons To Using A Mortgage Broker Versus A Bank

The mortgage market has been in the news more recently compared to previous times. Nearly every night on the news there’s something regarding the mortgage business: foreclosures, loan modifications, refinances, and many more stories. A lot of people wanting to acquire a house loan, whether it is for a new purchase or to refinance their current mortgage are being far more cautious about the choices they make.

These days, there are usually two methods to acquire a mortgage. A customer can speak to a mortgage broker such as Altrua Financial, or they can seek assistance from a bank. It is really up to someone in which direction they want to go. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages that can help you decide if you are wondering which direction to take.

Pros of Using a Mortgage Broker

There are numerous reasons why you should get loans from a broker. The main reason is that the agent can shop around for the customer trying to find the best home loan which has the best creditor at that moment. They are knowledgeable about different lenders and may broker the customer’s loan to whichever creditor has the best interest rates and support at that time. They also know the lenders who are strict in certain areas compared to other locations. If a customer uses a fantastic agent, this benefit can help them in the long term.

Cons of a Mortgage Broker

The best drawback of a mortgage broker is that if they are not good at their job, they can submit the loan to the wrong lender and waste your precious time. If the customer can locate a great mortgage broker that understands some mortgage products with several distinct creditors, then the customer is going to have an invaluable resource for receiving their loan done correctly the first time.

Advantages of Using Banks

The significant benefit of a direct lender is that the loan officer typically works alongside the underwriter a whole lot more carefully than mortgage broker does. The salesperson will often know their company’s house loan products far better compared to a mortgage agent since the salesperson works with a single bank, their own employer. This benefit can enable a consumer to understand up front what difficulties there might be with getting financing. But with a great mortgage broker, they might know the issues just and a salesperson employed by the lending company.

Disadvantages of Using Banks

Banks offer one product for home loans. If a customer does not qualify for any of the mortgage solutions the bank is offering, they might have to find another bank to provide the same service or look for a mortgage broker on their own. This can also waste precious time. But if the bank pre-approves you, then you’ve got an incredibly substantial probability that you’ll have the ability to close your loan.

If you know of a great mortgage broker, then you might want to consider working together to obtain the best home loan product for your circumstances. Be sure that the individual who you’re working with knows what he is talking about.

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