4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales in 2019

The ecommerce industry is booming with the global sales amounting to $653 billion in 2018 (Statista). The number has been growing steadily, so there is no doubt that next year your opportunities will increase. But so does the competition. Therefore, you need to use the most effective methods for marketing your business and increasing sales. In 2019 those methods will be personalized emails, voice commerce, interactive product visualization, and establishing a physical store.

How to Boost Your Sales in 2019: Best Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

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1. Provide interactive product visualization of the highest quality

Every ecommerce business must know the power of the visuals for making conversions. Seeing the product makes a much greater impression on the prospective buyer than any description can. And the better that visualization is, the higher is your chance of making a sale. In fact, the graphical capabilities of modern devices make consumers rather demanding. This means that providing poor visuals is sure to lose you customers.

Today you can use a variety of solutions to present the product on the website not only in HD pictures but in 3D models that the customer will be able to interact with to see the item from every angle. You should also put in some visuals that show the product in the setting it’s meant to be used in.

2. Send out personalized emails

Digital marketing evolves, but the fact that emails remain one of the most effective among its tools remains. However, email campaigns of today must be sophisticated and highly personalized. According to www.emailfunnels.agency, advanced solutions developed for managing marketing campaigns can be the key to boosting their efficiency. These solutions will help you maximize the reach and automate the campaign to minimize the time you spend on managing it.

The emails themselves are the main determinant of success. Not only do you need to use a variety of analytic tools to divide your customers into smaller groups for more precise targeting. You also need to keep the content of the emails varied. Special offers and discounts are good, but you also need to keep the subscribers engaged by offering helpful information. Some of your emails should content articles on how to make best use of your products, surveys on the customers’ interests, and follow ups on orders. Make sure that every one of your letters brings value and mention that value in the theme so the person is interested in opening the letter.

3. Invest in voice commerce

The voice search is growing so fast, it will soon take over as the primary type of searching for information online. However, many smaller online businesses are rather slow with getting in on that trend. This means you have an opportunity to stand out among your competitors by integrating voice search into your website.

For maximum efficiency, you need to make your store completely integrated with all the most popular voice-controlled devices. The point is to allow your customers to make a purchase from start to finish by telling a few simple commands to their Alexa.
And don’t forget that this will require not only specialized functionality built into the website. You will also need to rework your on-page keyword optimization for voice search. When people use this serving to look up products online, they tend to use longer and more grammatically complex queries. This means you need to optimize for complete sentences instead of a handful of barely connected words.

4. Open a physical store

Despite the growth of the digital world, brick-and-mortar stores remain a necessity. In fact, they are currently going through a renaissance phase.
Having a physical store where the customers can touch and/or try on the items you offer will increase your reach. It doesn’t even have to be a shop as much as a physical showroom in a popular location.

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