4 Skills Every C++ Developer Should Know

When applying for a C++ development company, you have to know yourself as a coder first. This means that you’ll have to assess your current coding skills and improve them by creating new applications and side projects. And in this guide, we’ll show you the top 4 skills you should know if you want to become a professional C++ developer!

Fundamental Skills

No matter what skill you’re learning, every programmer needs to have a set of fundamental skills at their disposal. For example, learning a bit of MySQL, NoSQL, will help you make better data predictions and utilize the data more efficiently. A good programmer knows a mixture of Windows and Linux to show some administrative and command-line skills if needed.

Additionally, source code control is another important skill to learn. These days most people use it while other developers use subversion. We suggest that you take the time to learn git; if you’re hired as a programmer, your employer might ask you to check out the new code, you’ll want to know how to do so without asking.

Language Specifics With C++

Let’s be honest, C++ is a difficult language to learn. Mastering the basics of C++ demonstrates that you’ve developed a strong set of coding skills.

First, start off by learning basic object-oriented programming, algorithms and data structures. For instance, learn how to make a linked list, even though you might be using one from an existing library.

Learned how to do that? Here are some extra items:

  • Learn about stack values and how your objects are allocated so quickly.
  • Learn how arrays are allocated with new and delete, and how to make an array that you can return from a function.
  • Learn how references work, and the difference between them and pointers. Understand how the variables are passed into functions, and how to pass a structure instead of passing the pointer to a structure with a function.
  • Learn how to create virtual environments. Virtual environments allow development teams to work together on projects and check each other’s code. Knowing how to do this will make you a team player and increases the chances of completing group coding projects.

Always Have a Side Project

Coding is one thing, but doing side projects will increase your skills immensely. Create a side project and set aside time to create high quality C++ apps on your spare time. In addition, having a side project gives you something to work on and prevents you from being distracted.

When you’re employed by someone else, you need to spend time improving yourself as well. Otherwise, you’ll be developing someone else’s empire while forgetting about your own. Make sure to have a side project to ensure that you’ll stay focused on coding while making interesting apps in the process.


Whether you’re building a c++ development company or applying for one, take the time to learn the programming skills. This makes you more effective at the job and more likely to solve problems. Conclusively, keep practicing and keep coding to ensure that you’ll become a success in the field!

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