4 Things Most Customers Won’t Tell You

There are many types of customers you can meet, but the kind of customers you want if you are an entrepreneur are the ones who provide you with repeat business. B2B marketing is a challenge; unlike selling quality consumer goods that use merchant services for credit card processing for fast profits, dealing with business customers entails psychology and proper human interaction.

You might have learned from your customers about certain things they want, and such experiences must have offered you some insights about how to effectively deal with customers. In fact, you can also learn a lot of similar ideas from books and business classes or seminars. However, there are also other things that many customers don’t really say often even though they want to say them.

Simple things your customers won’t tell you, but wish you knew.

1. Improve Your Appearance

How you look matters; if you are dealing with a business client, you have to dress up well. This is what your boss will always tell you, but your customers won’t. Your customers may find it rude to tell you that you appear poorly dressed, or your office looks like a mess. Rather, they might try to avoid meeting with you in person again.

Even if you deal with customers in in an industry where even management dresses casually, always dress a bit better than your customer and always look neat.

2. Make Customers Feel You Are Really Interested in Their Business

This is what many business clients want to feel. Since they are enthusiastic about their business, they want others who wish to connect to show interest and enthusiasm, too.

The worst thing you can do is to approach them and ask what their business is all about. Why should you need their business if you don’t know anything about it? That’s what customers have in their mind.

3. Make It Simple

Entrepreneurs are busy people. If these are your target customers, you should respect their time and energy. They may make time, but they may not have enough energy to think deeply on a complex matter because of their schedules.

If you have something to report or present, make it simple as possible. Be straightforward just as how free funding websites like Plumfund are straightforward. In this way, they can also be straightforward with you. Avoid using technical words unless you know that your customers are knowledgeable about the difficult terms you are using.

4. I’m Dealing with You and Not with Your Employees

There are some customers who are easy to please, but these customers are jealous types of customers. You come to them; they agree with you; they expect you, but you send a representative because you have to meet another client. This is not going to be a good idea for these types of customers.

Be cautious of making any commitments yourself as when you make a commitment, make sure you commit yourself. These customers won’t just tell you they get jealous they will just cancel their contract with you.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the tips you’ve seen today give you better insight into the mind of your customers as identifying customer needs is not a difficult job. It’s not necessary to ask your customers what they really want.

What you can do is to identify the signs that they want something but are apprehensive to tell you directly or frankly. Even if your customers are frank, there are also things which they won’t tell you, and it’s your job to know them.

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