Want a Big Check? Manufacture Tech!

Do you want to build your own technology for a living? Or do you want to help an innovator as an outsourcing business? Either way, starting a technology manufacturing company could be a smart decision. But there are a few things you need to grasp first.

Startup costs are higher than that of most businesses

Many people would say that we’re living in the age of the startup. Sometimes, people make it sounds like starting a business is a sure-thing endeavor. But the failure rate of startups is always on the increase. This is happening for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the most common is that many of these budding entrepreneurs simply didn’t have the capital to succeed.

The problem with electronics manufacturing? Well, the startup costs tend to be a lot higher than with your average startup in other fields. The key word here is manufacturing. Since when has manufacturing been a cheap process? You need a lot of equipment and a lot of hands on deck.

The way you get funding has changed

Hewlett-Packard started with a few hundred dollars and an invention that was birthed and developed in a kitchen. Modern technology manufacturers don’t have the shock of the new to their advantage right now; they may need hundreds of thousands in venture capital. In many cases, they need millions in order to produce the units they need to land sales deals with retailers.

Bootstrapping isn’t as common as it once was, but there are alternative ways of getting funds. Venture capitalists are worth pursuing, but you may want to consider a crowdfunding platform. If you can get the public interested in your idea – who are, after all, the end users of your product! -, then you can get them to help with the funding. You should understand that the chance of getting millions via crowdfunding are very slim. It has been done, though!

You should get informed about useful technologies

Technology manufacturers rely on other technology manufacturers. And I’m not talking about cross-promotion, here – I’m talking about the fact that you’ll need to take advantage of the latest advancements in order to get the most of your business idea.

The New Industrial Revolution: Why We Are Seeing A Surge In Manufacturing Startups

Advances in laser cutting, for example, make it easier for you to complete the intricate shaping you need at lower costs. With this in mind, you should keep informed with laser cutting news. Advances in software are also making a lot of project management simpler than ever. Changes in the nature of programming languages will also have big implications for your business. Keep up to date with these things!

The competition is fierce

The biggest difference between the nascent days of HP and Microsoft and now? There’s way more competition these days. Your business plans and products need to hit harder when it comes to the wow factor. This is partly why it’s so important that you ensure you have all the funding you need – but it’s also why you should make sure you’re versed in business law, or have lawyers on your side. The big technological companies aren’t known to be too kind to smaller startups, unless they’re in direct business with them! With that in mind, legal help is essential.

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