4 Ways to Bring Big Name Clients to Your Small Business

4 Ways to Bring Big Name Clients to Your Small Business

As a small business, it sometimes seems like you’re fighting an uphill battle. You have a great idea and fantastic employees, but it feels like you’re powerless against more established brands with much bigger budgets.

The good news is that there is hope. Small businesses can attract big-name clients if they are willing to work hard and get creative. Here are a few tips that will help you to stand toe-to-toe with established firms.

Utilize the personal touch

When you hear the word “small,” it is easy to think of it purely as a disadvantage, in business terms at least. However, there are times when being smaller works to your advantage.

Small businesses can feel more like family-run affairs, with a much better sense of togetherness and unity than giant, corporate brands. Utilize this personal touch when you’re trying to negotiate for that next big partnership and make the client feel as though you only have eyes for them.

Make use of the cloud

Cloud computing has made a significant impact when it comes to business competition. Previously, businesses would have needed to pay for software upfront or build their own data center in order to store information.

The rise of cloud-based subscription technology, however, has leveled the playing field and means that smaller firms can compete more evenly. Cloud services are available for every facet of business life, from HR to accounting, so there’s bound to be some process that you can make more efficient and affordable. Embrace the cloud and you can attract important clients without draining your company finances.

Look for professional assistance

As a small business, it may not always be possible to have an in-house team on standby for projects that only take place from time to time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to turn down work or reject promising ideas.

On the contrary, acquiring temporary assistance from external agencies can give your company a more professional appearance while saving you money compared to hiring full-time staff. If you want to create some content about your company, for example, you could hire video crews for one-off shoots or get in a software development contractor to work on an in-house application. You can find freelance developers everywhere, but if you want a personal touch, try finding a local one. People are everywhere in this profession, for example, if your business is in the west, you can find a software developer in Utah.

Specialize and innovate

Sometimes bigger firms suffer from inertia due to bureaucracy, which is smaller businesses can often innovate much quicker. Make sure you keep abreast of industry trends and when you see a gap in the market, go for it. Many clients will also want to strike while the iron is hot and will see working with a small business partner as an advantage in this respect.

Also, remember as a small business to not stretch yourself too thinly. You may not have the resources to cover a broad range of services, but prospective clients will be happy to work with you if you can show that you specialize on one particular area and fulfill your promises.

There are a lot of underappreciated advantages of being a small business and you should remember to sell these to all of your potential clients when you are pitching and negotiating. When it comes to securing big name contracts, bigger is not always better.

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