Why The City of Albuquerque Is A Great Choice For Investing in a Home

Have you ever wondered why Albuquerque is an amazing choice to live, whether you are single, or with families and kids? This article is going to explore some of those reasons and hopefully convince you of its merits.

An Investment

The current climate of homes for sale in Albuquerque is not one to be overlooked. The range of property types from luxury homes, homes with or without pools, gated communities or homes with plenty of lands are all viable options to you. There are diverse neighbourhoods to be explored at varying prices from under 100,000 USD all the way to over 1 million USD. If this isn’t enough, continue reading to explore some of the less tangible but ever attractive reasons that you should look into Albuquerque for your next real estate investment.

Multiculturalism: Plenty to Be Experienced

Located right in the very heart of New Mexico, Albuquerque is a place of cultural abundance. Recognised as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, it is a place of colour and diversity. Because of this, there is a sense of hospitality that is rarely paralleled in other places. A lot of the attraction comes from the importance that is put on traditions and customs. With African-Americans, Middle Eastern and Asian influences present, there is no lack of art centres, museums, fairs or events throughout the year that will take your interest, whatever it may be.

Holiday Traditions

Albuquerque boasts quite unique holiday traditions because of its rich Spanish and Mexican heritage. Christmas, for example, is a different kind of celebration compared to what is known in most western households. Although it was taught to locals by early European missionaries, they soon established their own traditions that are still practised today. This is called Las Posadas. There are 9 full days of celebrations that represent the 9 months that Jesus was in the womb. Without doubt, it is something to be experienced with theatre productions and carols to be heard and witnessed.

Notable Foods

The foods found in Albuquerque are representative of the colourful cultural presence that you will surely witness when visiting. The use of spices and meats makes the recipes burst with flavours. Some common food items are stews and pastelitos. Pastelitos are little pastries filled with sweet berries and spices. They’re perfect for a midday snack or small dessert after a large meal. Tamales are also a well-known staple food. This is made with corn-based dough, wrapped in corn husks and filled with shredded pork. It’s juicy, flavourful and rich tasting. Finally, chile is certainly not to be forgotten or missed! The people of New Mexico love their chile and pair it with many other foods as a sauce or extra flavouring. Chile in New Mexico is truly unlike chile in any other part of the country. Red and green chile are both options so be sure to taste both as they are unique and delicious in their own right.

Family Activities

It is well worth mentioning the many new homes for sale in Albuquerque, perfect for any new families with young children. This goes hand in hand with the open-air family activities that the city boasts from the BioPark to the Botanic Gardens. Each year a light event is hosted after engineers and light experts spend months on preparation. The River of Lights runs for about a month long and attracts all ages but is particularly popular with new parents and young children. The set-up highlights large and small installations that change each year to continue bringing the awe factor to visitors that return year after year.

Active & Culturally Minded

Perhaps you’re someone who is perhaps an activity that also responds to active and sport-minded folk. Albuquerque has a beautiful walking tour available for anyone who prefers to exercise, move around and break a sweat. You can visit various neighbourhoods and gain knowledge of the historical context, or perhaps you’d prefer to visit some of the longest-standing buildings in the old town and the main square. Still not your cup of tea? Head out of the bustle into nature for a day of quiet and admire the unique surroundings.

So does Albuquerque offer something to attract you to invest in your next home? This is only a sneak-peak at what it has to whisk you away to different times and cultures.

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