7 Ways To Earn Money While You’re Studying

If you are joining college soon or are already enrolled, you could be wondering how to earn money as a student. The fact that you’re considering being productive is a great thing. You also want to perform well at school without putting your parents under too much financial pressure. Supporting yourself economically is challenging but you can manage it.

Money making ideas for college students are awesome. They are the gateways to financial freedom. So, there is no better time than a university to start earning passive income and develop entrepreneurial skills. It gives you valuable experience you will forever be grateful for. Are you seriously looking for easy ways to make money? This article is meant for you because we have compiled a list of 7 ways to make money in college.

  • Take your business skills online

Looking for tips on how to make money online? Well, there is a whole world of possibilities out there. If you have a computer or a reliable mobile device, why not open your own online store? Simply get some products and make a website for them. This is one way to gain real-life experience while taking a low risk. Supposing you have designing skills. You can start selling posters, t-shirts, or personalized mugs online. Think about opening a blog or website if you want to earn money online like a pro.

If you have a good knowledge of English, and you’re stuck on how to make money online in college, you can start offering writing services to other students, not only in your campus but from other schools too. While you work at assignment help service EduBirdie UK to help other students complete their college application essays, you will be generating a lot of income and at the same time improving your writing skills. Use a blog to establish yourself as a freelance writer and people will be looking for you to do their assignments. Content and copywriting can help you a great deal as a student.

If you are a student who loves to take down notes in class, you may want to share and upload your notes online like OneClass Note Taker Programs that get you paid in cash or gift checks. You are not just earning but also helping other students.

  • Drive for ridesharing groups

Do you have a car and still asking yourself, “How can I make easy money?” Relax. If you have a driver’s license, you could use the car for taxi services around the town. One of the unique ways student earn money as taxi drivers are Uber. All you need is to determine your driving hours and start accepting trips that are convenient for you. However, you must be 21 years and above, have a 4-door car and have at least 3 years of experience in driving. You can also be a Lyft driver and operate independently. In both rideshare driving, you are allowed to choose the best route through an app.

  • Food delivery

This is how to make money while studying: start transporting quality hot meals from restaurants to consumers. Some people think that food delivery is for high school students who are still learning how to drive. There are many restaurants near your college which will be pleased to work with you as a cashier, part-time waiter/waitress, or cook. Then you can apply for food delivery if you have reached the minimum age and haven’t been involved in reckless car accidents. Get ready to find convenient flip flops for men to walk, cycle, drive a car or ride in a scooter. You might be required to pass some background tests before you are hired as an official dasher. What are you waiting for? Food delivery for restaurants is exactly how to earn money while studying in college. Get ready to deliver pizza and learn your local town.

  • Teach what you are good at

This is one of the fast money making ideas you should consider immediately when you get to the university. It is actually a win-win situation because you will become an expert in your subject while teaching others. You can do it in person or as an online tutor. The online platform will give you a wider clientele base because you will not be limited to teachings students in your local area. There are a lot of students on Upwork, Fiverr, or Craiglist searching for online tutors and you can be their solution. Help others understand difficult concepts in Mathematics, Chemistry, or any of your best subjects. Some of the best work from home companies allow you to market your tutoring services and you could earn $10/hr or more.

You can also teach music lessons if you are talented. Parents are looking for music teachers to train their kids at affordable rates. But you should be willing to visit your students at their homes if you don’t own a music studio.

  • Donate plasma

Here is another one of the simple money making ideas. Selling your plasma can earn you extra cash during a tough semester. Plasma is simply the liquid part of your blood which is used to treat various medical conditions. You can get rid of plasma without serious health consequences. If you donate two times in a week, you could get more than $30. Find a plasma collection center and make sure you are over 18 years of age and at least 110 pounds. Also, you must not have had a tattoo in the past 12 months.

You can donate plasma while watching TV, reading a book, or doing your homework. If how to make money online for free is not your thing, try donating plasma. You don’t need to be worried about scheduling donation appointments alongside your classes because the process is very easy. And don’t be afraid because it’s not painful. You will only be a little uncomfortable when the needle is being inserted into your skin.

  • Be a handyman

Don’t know how to make easy money in college? You can use your hands-on skills in fixing leaky pipes, lawn mowing, moving houses, carpet cleaning, painting walls, and so on. Go ahead and market your skills online and start offering your services to the local community. Everyone needs an extra hand once in a while. A handyman’s job can get you a steady flow of income if you don’t mind sweating a little.

  • Use free apps

The best money making ideas involve using your best skills and interests. Are you tech-savvy and have a good smartphone? There are plenty of methods on how to earn money while studying through mobile phone apps and websites these days. There are some free apps you should consider installing in your smartphone such as Mystery Shop which allows you to find the best deals. You can even get paid at a store without buying anything. You also earn reward points by visiting the stores plus extra points for perusing the prices of various items. When you buy an item, you receive bonus points too. On Shopkick, for instance, you can watch videos and assess online stores for the ‘kicks’. After accumulating enough points, you can redeem them for gifts cards to use at restaurants and physical shops.

The other online money making ideas you can implement with free apps include participation in focus groups. You could collect extra dollars by offering valuable ideas. Most companies that organize focus groups pay the participants for researching. If you don’t know where to find these focus groups, go to such sites as FindFocusGroups.com and SideHustleNation.com.

It is normal to be strapped for cash while in college. You obviously have some free time you could use to earn money while studying. Thankfully, the above 7 money making ideas for college students will not compromise your studies. In fact, some of them don’t require you to move out of your hostel! But you must have profound time-management skills to survive. Good luck making money as a student!

Bryan Davis is a blogger by choice and businessman by profession. He is an avid writer and loves to write technological and business blogs. Bryan has 10+ years of experience as a successful businessman. While his business is flourishing, Bryan likes to write academic and non-academic essays.