Effective Ways to Speed Up the Recruitment Process

The recruiting process can be long and tiresome and then if you are not successful you have to start all over again. This does give you the time to look at all the candidates, but a recent survey shows that almost a quarter of people who were made a job offer turned it down because it took too long to happen. How can you speed the process up to prevent this from happening when you have found the ideal person for the job?

Be More Selective

Instead of interviewing 20 or more candidates, be more selective and see maybe half that number. Even interviewing 10 people will take a few days, but if you have chosen the 10 that look most suitable from their resumes, hopefully, one of them will be an ideal fit.

By narrowing down the number of interviews you will save yourself some time and be able to let all the candidates know the outcome much sooner.

Everyone who applied for the job should be told they are unsuccessful or be asked to attend an interview. No one should be ignored. Some companies use candidate relationship management strategies to ensure that everyone gets a response. It will also help you to build a team with the qualifications and experience your business needs.

Reduce the Required Steps

Reduce the number of things a candidate has to do. For instance, if you give them a questionnaire to fill in with useful information before their interview, take a look to see if the size of this can be reduced. Although the information may be useful, you should be able to find out all you need to know in the interview itself. This way you will speed the interviews up and be able to get through more each day.

Make The Most Of Technology

Technology will make every aspect of your business more efficient, and recruiting new staff is no exception. Just as an example, you can save a lot of communication time by having automated emails sent out to everyone that applies. Something generic saying we will be in touch of your reach the interview stage is all it needs to save you a lot of time.

Check References Sooner Rather Than Later

We have all heard of people who have been offered a job as long as their references come back OK. Well, why wait. As soon as you communicate to arrange an interview as for the references as well. Then you should have them by the time the interview takes place, which will mean that no candidates are hanging around just waiting for their references to be returned.

Once you have bee through all the processes and hopefully found the right person for the job, then you set a start date for them to begin. For the first few weeks, they are going to need some training in the way your business works, as this is something even the most qualifies of people will need to know. The does more that you cannot expect them to be very productive straight away, so the shorter the recruiting process is the better.

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