Founders’ Guide Publishes First in Series of Ebooks for Startups

Public Relations for Startups

This book offers helpful tips on how to write an effective press release including the proper formatting and what makes it newsworthy.

First ebook lays down the foundation of public relations for budding entrepreneurs

Press release. Press conferences. Social Media. For those who have yet to navigate the waters of public relations, it can be tricky. Luckily, Founders Guide, an online media platform for entrepreneurs and startups, has compiled the basics in PR for Startups.

The first in a series of ebooks for startups, PR for Startups is a step-by-step guide on conducting public relations that can help those new to business by laying down the foundation of what they need to do. This book defines the importance of public relations as well as its basic strategies. It also offers helpful tips on how to write an effective press release including the proper formatting and what makes it newsworthy. Budding and startup entrepreneurs will also learn how to promote their business by distributing press releases, landing media coverage and using online tools as part of their PR strategy.

As the first in a planned series of 7 books, PR for Startups is a promising start in fulfilling Founders Guide’s vision to help entrepreneurs and startups fulfill their dreams of success. Filled with a wealth of useful information condensed in an easy-to-read format, this ebook will benefit those who want to be hands on when it comes to managing their own public relations.

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