Founder’s Guide PRIVACY POLICY

1. Introduction

The reason we set privacy policy is due to the fact that protection of personal information is very important. It is our duty to put safety measures and therefore we set the rules and guidelines to ensure that we provide our services in a smooth flowing way and be a responsible human rights advocate.

2. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information related to any individual/s such as names, birthdate, address, fax number, telephone number, occupation, email address, affiliations, Identification Number/s, and other materials that can identify a person.

3. Compliance Declaration

Rest assured that we obey legal governing laws and have subjected our guidelines into strict evaluation and intensive background checking to maintain credibility, honesty, discipline and due diligence to deliver informative services that are helpful to the society.

4. Purpose of Usage of Personal Information

1. Management and Support of *[Client Users] & *[Regular Users]
2. We will promote services, in which case there’s a possibility that we will contact users to help us for development and maintain information delivery in cases of disruption or problems.
3. Usage of Company Services
4. For usage of Partnership
5. Confirmation of validity and authenticity
6. For payment, renewal, change of service/details, change of specification purposes
7. For sending maintenance information such updates and securities
8. For email magazine campaign, seminars, new service, promotional tools
9. To answer inquiries, complaints and other connection purposes.
10. To analyze our users, market research, economic analysis and survey through phone and email.

5. Limitations for Usage

Personal Information we gather can be used for the purposes we stated above. However,if there are governing laws from investigative bureaus demanding any procurement of such, we are legally bounded not to obstruct any efforts for justice.

6. Collection of Personal Information

When we collect information, we duly state our purpose and only gather specific details that we deem necessary and important for safe utilization. We do not use illegal capabilities to obtain important details from any individuals to preserve human rights, justice and equality.

7. Proper Management of Personal Information

To protect your information safely and properly, we will execute necessary security measures to uphold the secured storage of data from threats like hacking, destruction, obstruction, external manipulation, palcifnication, leakage or loose disappearance as a result of negligence. We will take all safe measures to ensure that your important informations are secured with us.

8. Sharing of Information to 3rd Party

We can use your information with 3rd party involvement. Nevertheless we have set rigid guidelines, sound judgment and high criteria/ standards for 3rd party involvement. Between partners, we have an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) Contract, that means only reliable companies and partners can have access to your personal information.

9. Disclosure of Personal Information

If we’re required to alter, add or delete information, we will respond in accordance to the submission as long as we can confirm the validity of the user himself.

10. Sustainability of our Service

We will strive to improve our management operations, and procedure in relation to maintaining your personal information. Assuring that we will always strive to do the best.

11. Inquiry about Personal Information

In the event of consultation and claim of personal information (including #9) please feel free to contact us at or you can post your mail at this address:

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