Hiring New College Graduates in 2021

It is always difficult for new graduates to get a job, but it is getting harder still. The economy is in a weird place and the job market is fluctuating in unprecedented ways due to the millions of people who were put on unemployment benefits, some of which paid better than their careers. Companies are looking to hire new employees to continue operations as usual, and competition is stiff.

Every business wants to cut back on their overhead. One way to do that is to hire graduates straight out of college. There are quite a few of them. About half of the people who graduated from college in 2020 still don’t have a job. If you are a business that wants to hire good employees who will grow with the company at a smaller starting salary rate, you probably should hire some new graduates. Below are some tips on how it’s best to go about that.

6 Tips to Help Make the Hiring Process Faster6 Tips to Help Make the Hiring Process Faster

Run Background Checks

Right off the bat, you should run a background check for employment on every prospective employee. This is key not just for new graduates but for all the candidates you are looking at. In particular, recent graduates may be tempted to embellish or lie on their resume because they don’t have that much experience. Running background checks is a great way to determine if the person is being honest and trustworthy. These checks will show you if the person has any criminal history, prior names and locations, education, and employment verification. They are a good place to start.

Make Sure the Graduate Will Grow with the Company

It is important to think a lot about their education. How can this new graduate apply their knowledge and skills to the business? You might not want to put them in a position with a lot of responsibility right away, but if you hire them at an entry-level position like an administrator or receptionist, you will have the chance to encourage them to grow with the business. When you are looking for long-term employees, giving an opportunity to someone who needs professional experience may benefit everyone involved.

Be Clear about What You’re Looking For

College graduates don’t usually have a good handle on what they deserve or what they will likely find in a job. It’s important to state upfront what kind of position it is, who you are looking to fill it, and how much they will get paid. If you are clear, you will be doing the right thing for you and the candidate. This is especially the case when you are hiring graduates for growth. They might not be happy about getting a job that doesn’t use their full ability or utilizes their passion, but show them how they can level up if they stick with the company.

Use the Internet

The internet is a resource that you should thoroughly use when you’re looking for employees. Social media allows you to broadcast that you are looking for new employees and that you are accepting applications from new graduates. You can even use the platform to find the employees themselves through their profiles. LinkedIn is the obvious social media platform, but you can also use Twitter and Facebook to find new employees. Career sites like ZipRecruiter, Monster, and Indeed are also great methods to look for candidates and find employees.

Attend Career Events

When colleges host career events, your company should attend them to scout employees. Even if you don’t plan on hiring them right away, talking to current and former students will enable you to know what you are looking for from college graduates. Who knows, you just might find the perfect person for the job.
Hiring and getting hired isn’t easy right now, but companies who need entry-level employees and college graduates can find each other. Whatever you are looking for, these former students can provide the fresh blood and energy you need to grow and expand. Look for commitment to staying and growing with the business and you will be able to weed out the people who don’t match. If you’re a company trying to find new hires, look at the college graduates and you might be surprised at how they can apply their skills and education.

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