How To Do It Alone In The Freelance World

Freelancing is great. You are essentially your own boss. It can be in all kinds of spheres too, perhaps you are a contractor, a plasterer or a plumber, or maybe you are someone who specialises in technology like a business analyst or a programmer. If you have a certain proclivity for one of these then you can become a freelancer and do it on your own. It is easier said than done, and there are certain things you need to think about and do before you go out on your own.

Create your own website

Preparation is key. You must plan everything out. You will no longer have a guaranteed income, meaning you need to know where your next paycheck is coming from. It means you need to be visible, you almost have to see yourself as a business. Create a website and follow the usual rules, because if people can’t see you then how do you expect them to use or solicit your services. This article can help you start off in the world of freelancing. It can be tough, but worth it in all ways. Good luck on the path.

At first you need to make yourself visible. As suggested, you should consider developing your own website, but this could come later. First you need to use common freelance areas to showcase what you do. Freelancer is a great place to start. I doesn’t always have to be digital too. You can increase your visibility by taking out ads in local magazines or newspapers. If you offer a service that you think is not necessarily specialised then you could consider posting flyers or business cards through doors. It is time consuming, but nothing ups your visibility like word of mouth and doing this increases it exponentially.

Make use of social media

Social media is another great way of reaching out to the local community. Millions of people use this every day, and outreaching to just a small part of them could get you some extra work. People search for things they need on social media nowadays, so if you are there you could pick up some leads. Remember, you can also post content and link with the community, this increases your visibility further. Just don’t make it similar to clickbait, people get annoyed by it and it means you lose reputation.

Get yourself insured

You also need to get other things covered. As a freelancer you don’t have a huge corporation behind you should anything go wrong, meaning you and you alone are solely liable for anything that happens. As a result you should consider Kingsbridge insurance. Having peace of mind can really help. You also need to remember that all tools and utilities need to be paid for by you. There is nothing available for you to use here bar what you bring to the table. They say a craftsman is only as good as his tools, well if this is the case ensure they are good ones. Only by doing good work will you garner repeat custom and recommendations.

Ask reviews and recommendations

You need to solicit reviews too. Only by doing this can you attract people. Why should they choose you instead of someone else? Give them a reason. This is important. Sign up to trustpilot, and other similar sites. Ask everyone you work for to write you a review and rate you. The more reviews you have the more custom you’ll get. The power of reviews are huge. Just look at sites like amazon and how they work. People trust other buyers, and if there are good reviews written about you they will certainly take a punt.

But how do you get these good reviews? By being professional. It may even be worth getting some branding on your van or mode of transport. Professional business cards, etc. There are many ways to appear like a pro. Be on time for all your appointments and handle yourself in a professional manner. Even if the customer is being belligerent or awkward, try to remain above it.

Pay right taxes

Remember, as a freelancer you need to pay your own tax. This means you must be diligent with your money. You could hire an accountant to do it for you, or you could do it yourself. It is easier than ever and there are all kinds of powerful software out there that can help you get it right. If you don’t, you may end up with a fine that can be quite debilitating. Better get it right in the first instance than go down that route.

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