Saving Your IT Organization with DPI User Activity Monitoring

What is DPI User Activity Monitoring?

DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) User Activity Monitoring is when metadata is extracted from headers and additional network packets. Raw metadata converts to an easy to read format through data analytics. Then it’s sent to a management portal. From here, administrators can view it at any time. Also, its stored in a different database so that it can be analyzed and used to identify and monitor user trends.

This centralized management portal allows network managers to see user activity. It allows you to see all of their daily sessions and performance on one screen. Network managers are able to pick what user activity they want to monitor (web activity, network activity, user activity, .etc)via the contextual menu. They can monitor activity and spot potential issues before they become a major threat to the company.

With this level of management awareness, network managers can find out who, how, and when SQL databases and file shares are addressed. Reports are made by username, IP address, user group, web address, or file name. User activity monitoring tool helps network managers and keep them alert on network specific events.

Why Should I Monitor User Activity?

Users interact with public and private networks in multiple ways in your average day. They send and receive emails, browse the internet during work, create online backups,  upload videos and photos and much more.

These activities take up a lot of disk and bandwidth space. But, some user activity can expose your network to ransomware, malware, intrusions, spy bots, spambots, viruses, phishing attacks, and other risks.

The Right Approach is Important

Despite its benefits, user activity monitoring tools do have their setbacks. Your employees might express their concerns about privacy, and it might create tension within your workplace. Failing to address their concerns might lead to a lack of worker productivity and morale. Here are some things you need to take account for when using UAM tools in your organization.

  • Privacy Concerns: Even though you can create a private monitoring communication channel, you aren’t able to view your employees’ private email. There are laws set in various countries such as the US, that favors the employer. However, your employees knowing that their privacy is compromised can negatively impact their morale, which is bad for your business.
  • Discrimination Lawsuits: If you target only one employee, then you face a potential lawsuit. Make sure that your monitoring policy is always formalized and universal to prevent this from happening.
  • Risk of Lawsuit for Firing Employees Who Criticize Your Company: In the US, it’s illegal to punish your employee for criticizing their employer. If user monitoring is one of their main reasons for criticism, then you can be penalized for taking disciplinary action against them.

In the end, it’s up to you to monitor your employees’ behavior, but make sure they know so that they’re onboard. Doing so allows you to increase their productivity and help them work effectively. So make sure you include it in your company’s policy to ensure that they aren’t slacking on their daily activities!

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