Be more like The Croods!

Life Lessons the Croods’ family taught me

Review: The Croods Movie

Animated films were never just intended for kids. I’m telling you in advanced that I have watched this movie for the umpth time because:

a) I love that it’s a cool sort-of-remake of Flintstones

b) family drama of teenage rebellion

c) the wondrous adventures of exploring the world (literally!)

Whether in Stone Age or Modern Times

The world as we know it is full of things waiting to be discovered!
Although this movie flinched from the doom of end, it ushered us to an exciting world that awaited. Prior to things unfolding, this family lived most of their lives in the comfort of their cave. The father led them to believe that anything new or different is bad, anything they cannot control is bad, curiosity is bad, darkness is safety. Well, I cannot blame him for protecting his family but is exploring really dangerous? Unless you’re a nyctophilia, darkness isn’t going to make you live your life to the fullest. Will trying/creating new things threaten your very survival? And how can we as entrepreneurs be inspired by this? You wouldn’t even be considered an entrepreneur if you’re a coward to begin with. Having that game-changing factor in your personality is the one asset you should be proud of.


If I were a caveman I’d be petrified (in a good way) to see fire for the first time. I can only imagine the look of Neanderthals the moment they realize they have created light with just a spark from the friction of stones. It’s an equivalent to stepping foot in Mars. When “Guy” supposedly created fire – it changed everything. The point is, as starters , the vision of creating something good for the benefit of the public is not just for you to keep or to sell so to speak. But it’s the relevance of fulfillment knowing that because of what you can offer, people’s lives are changed on a daily basis. The creation of platforms such as Facebook , Paypal ranging to biofuel and even the accidental creation of cornflakes and many countless innovations started from scratch.

These creations has tremendously affected our lives in hundredfold and changed the way we approached our routines.



The thing is, it all starts with your perspective. I don’t exactly agree with the glass half-empty or half-full analogy, but from where I stand, I’m just thankful there’s a glass of water in the first place. In the movie, when they found themselves stucked unable to cross because of deadly sharp shells, Guy improvised by using starfish as a footwear. Not everyone has this kind of ideology. Most people would go by what the crowd usually does or bears. If someone is going against an odd, you’d find them bashing because part of human nature is to reject something they cannot control. If everyone’s not doing it, alas its dangerous. All of us need to get past the mentality of “curiosity killed the cat”. I’m not saying you go ride yourself to a cliff to try your manmade wings, but I’m saying you make the most of your current situation. May it be from scratch or from a raw, unidentifiable but solid idea. As long as you have that vision. Stick to your gut feeling that says “I’m going to ride this to tomorrow!”

Use the 3 I’s : Improvise, Innovate, Insist.


All of history teaches us that failure is not a measurement of success. Rather it’s a prerequisite to success. Even Thomas Edison had to do 10,000 flops before the first bulb light up. And the best part is he reckoned he now knows 10,000 ways that won’t work. It’s all about the attitude. Eat problems for breakfast! The future will always be sketchy. Money and riches will secure you a comfortable life but not a guaranteed life of happiness. There’s a lot of things in life that we truly have to fear like the cockroach flying across my couch and crossing highways in my case. But I have never allowed the fear of failing to paralyze me. And you shouldn’t too!

Be the “guy” who tamed the tiger, roasted the giant turkey and rode the sunset into tomorrow.

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