Securing Your Assets: Does Your Business Need A Security System?

Your business is on a quiet street. You don’t sell high priced items, and in fact, your entire operation is really small. Who would ever want to knock it over? The answer may surprise you.

Even businesses without a huge presence or expensive equipment are good candidates for breaking and entering, as well as theft. In addition, there are other good reasons to install a security system on the premises – some you may have never even considered.

Reducing Losses from Theft

As a business owner, your number one goal should be making gains. Any oversight that leaves you open to forfeiting your earnings, whether it be through inventory loss, repairs, or delayed opening, is unacceptable.

Security cameras, alarms, and other anti-theft components will protect what you have while you’re open and closed. Burglars – posing as customers – who “case” places to return to later will be less likely to keep you on their list if it’s plain you’re making an effort to keep things buttoned up.

If they do reappear, they’re more likely to get caught if you have a security system. Alarms can lead the authorities to the scene while the crime is still in progress, and video makes it easier to locate the burglar if they get away.

And while it can be uncomfortable to confront, you can never discount employee theft. In the United States alone, employees steal 50 billion dollars from businesses they work at each year. Furthermore, of all business bankruptcies, more than 30% come about as a result of employee theft.

The theft could be eating up a percentage of your revenue as you read this. The best way to find out, or stop it immediately, is with the presence of cameras.


Beyond Burglaries: Other Benefits

Still, small business owners opt for security systems for other reasons, too. The cleverest among them install cameras to reduce the number of liability claims they’re open to.

The most popular worker compensation claims are slip-and-falls, and any customer can claim injury due to your negligence when your back is turned. Many owners have been surprised at the exorbitant, business-shuttering amount that these settlements can net the claimant.

With video footage, you’re immediately tossing out any illegitimate claims. In fact, if your cameras are prominently placed, fewer people will be less apt to try it. Just like a burglar.

Others spend on security because it saves them money in the long run – money they shell out for insurance, that is. Ask your insurance provider if they’ll offer you a discount for showing your commitment to safety.

Finally, you may not expect this, but customers really appreciate walking into businesses that care about security and safety. Whether or not the system panel, cameras, or notice posted on the window consciously registers, security systems lend to an overall feeling of professionalism.

Don’t get comfortable with the way things are; your business is too precious. Protect it, as well as your employees and community, by installing a security system at your business location. From all manner of theft to liability claims, to insurance costs, it can easily pay for itself.  

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