Simple Opportunities To Showcase Your Hospitality Business

In uncertain times, you may not want to spend too much money on marketing activities. But once the economy gets a little better, you don’t want to be invisible either. Printed materials come in countless forms. In this article, we’ll highlight a few simple print opportunities so you can showcase your lunchroom, restaurant or café on a small budget. 

More than just a printed menu

As a hospitality entrepreneur, you can print much more than just a menu (translation: menukaart drukken). Think about cutlery bags, placemats, beer coasters and napkins. All with your own design or logo!

You can also enhance the presentation of your dishes with printed materials. For example, you can print cocktail sticks with your logo and present your snacks in an original way. You can also wrap your dishes in greaseproof paper, printed with your own design of course. This special paper ensures that the fat does not soak into the paper, but stays in the dish. This preserves the flavor and prevents greasy fingers. Does your restaurant also do take-away? If so, also get paper bags printed with your logo. This will make you instantly recognizable on the street. In addition, it is a much more sustainable alternative to plastic bags. You can simply recycle paper bags with the old paper. 

If you want to order printed materials as cheaply as possible, it is often best to choose a large number of copies. The higher the quantity of copies, the lower the price per item.

Show that you are open with flags

Another way to show off your restaurant is by using flags. Flag printing (translation: vlaggen drukken) can be done with a choice of many types. From simple facade flags, window flags or banner flags to freestanding beach flags, kiosk flags and drop flags. With so much to choose from, there’s always an option for you. You can also have custom flags made to meet all your needs.

Flags can be used for many different purposes. For example to promote your restaurant. Or to increase the visibility of your restaurant and logo. With flags you show that you are open. Whatever flag you choose, you show yourself from a great height to the guest.

If you do not have space for a flag, you can think of window stickers. With window stickers you give your premises a different look and make your restaurant visible to everyone.

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