How Takeoff and Estimating Software is Changing the Construction Industry

New technologies have always disrupted businesses. Embracing the improvements they offer is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. The digital applications that the construction industry now has access to are no different. Takeoff and estimating software promise to help companies boost productivity, but do they live up to the hype? And can they really help you put together a takeoff better than the way you did it before technology hit the sector?

Let’s look at the benefits of takeoff and estimating software:

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Automation is more efficient

Anyone that works in the construction industry will know that waiting for information you need or approvals you’re waiting on to finish a bid can cause lengthy delays. You have to stop and start the process over and over again which distracts you from other tasks and requires constant management.

Digital automated systems don’t need you to manage the system; the process happens automatically. Projects can go ahead while you’re waiting on information and because the documents are updated in real time, the whole team will automatically be notified about new information or changes to their work. This saves time and money, benefits those in the construction industry see when they make the shift to the latest technology.

Accounting made easy

From inventory tracking to billing and generating pay cheques, there’s a lot of administration required to run a construction business. Entrusting the management of your essential accounting tasks to software helps you keep on top of it all.

Takeoff and estimating software also simplify accounting because it will keep track of inventory and will automatically bill when you’ve completed a bid. Some online services like Groundplan work online so your team can access them from anywhere, anytime. All they need is an internet connection.

A cloud-based system that allows team members to create field notes, change orders, flag problems and ask for information (RFI’s) from a remote site is convenient for everyone. Imagine being able to read documents, check if a task has the go-ahead or to change orders from the field?

It supports collaboration

The nature of the construction industry means that not all team members will be in one working place at the same time. Some will be on site; others will be based in an office. They may even be found in different cities or states. Using an online takeoff and estimating platform, where all the information is consolidated in one place and appears in real time, streamlines the communication for everyone involved in the project.

Managing a team and updating them of developments is also time-consuming for those running a project. Relieving the pressures of continually having to brief a team in person, and track documentation by hand is a compelling reason for project managers to try takeoff and estimating software.

Information at your fingertips

Being able to keep track of your fleet and production flow using technology helps streamline a job. But do you know where vehicles or equipment are at any time of day or night? This software gives you instant access to this crucial information which ultimately protects your business against accidental loss or theft.

Feedback from the industry is that integrating takeoff and estimating software like Groundplan into a construction business, as well as many other trades, saves time, boosts profits and simplifies estimating for business owners.

Takeoff and estimating software have these benefits, but it’s the way it changing the construction business that makes it so exciting. It’s allowing companies to centralise all information, streamline processes, cut down on wastage and manage production and team members more efficiently.

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