The Conversion Crusade: How To Get More Sales From Your Website

What is the primary money-making tool that your business has at its disposal right now?

If you answered: “our website”, then you’re right. However, many of the websites out there simply aren’t working hard enough for their keep. Why? They don’t convert enough casual browsers into a useful lead: either a completed sale or a newsletter sign up – something that then gives you a chance to move them further down the conversion funnel.

A good website is your company’s window to the world, and it should never be static. It needs to be working 24/7 to generate sales, push out relevant content, build your brand and make a profit. If yours isn’t doing all of the above, it’s time for a major overhaul:

Clarify Your Message

Web users have incredibly short attention spans, and they expect clarity above all else. So it’s vital to clarify your brand proposition right down to something bite size. If you’re taking half a page to explain why someone should deal with you, it’s already far too late. Never force people to wade through oceans of text to get to the point – writing copy for the web is very different from writing for a sales brochure. Use subheadings, bullet points, call to action buttons and deep links on a landing page creator on WordPress to help your customers navigate smoothly around your site.

It’s All About CTAs

CTAs (Calls To Action) are the runway lights that will guide your customers home. So many websites either bury them within too much copy or don’t define them clearly enough. They work best as buttons placed prominently in the side navigation – be careful to only set one or two at most. Think carefully about the customer journey and what you want them to do at this point. Improving the CTAs on your website is a surefire way to increase conversions and boost sales, so choose them with care.

Champion Fresh Content

Alongside channeling new customers to take a certain action, you also want to provide fresh, relevant content to reward repeat customers. It could be short, insightful embedded videos, useful articles or white papers or even a killer infographic. Either way, it should be short, informative and reward customers with some inside knowledge. The power of great copywriting that is targeted at a relevant audience is immense – it communicates your brand values and has the potential to turn them from interested parties into advocates for what you do.

Give An Incentive

A certain proportion of customers who visit your site will just be browsing and aren’t in the market for your product or service at that time. With these customers, serving them with an incentive to keep in touch is key. It could be a newsletter sign-up or a social media follow. Either way, you want to capture their data – and then send them exclusive offers that remind them of you and encourage them to act when they do have need of what you’re selling.

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