Tips to Help you Prevent Ransomware

Have you installed an anti-virus program on your computer to make sure it is ransomware safe? For those who did not know, ransomware is a type of malware that attackers use to extort money. These criminals encrypt the data on your computer and then demand payment for the decryption key. In this article, we are going to talk about the prevention of ransomware attack.

Ransomware Protection

We are going to share tips that will protect yourself for such attacks. Here are the tips:

  • Do Not Click on Unverified Links
  • The first thing that you keep in mind is to never click on unverified links. One of the ways to infect a computer is to get the people to click on a malicious link. When you download something from such websites and open the file. This file encrypts all the data on your computer and locks it. After that, it demands money from you to recover the data. If you have vital data on your pc, then paying them looks the only solution. But there is no guarantee that after paying, you will get back the access of your data.

  • Never Open Email Attachments
  • Another way that criminals use to send ransomware to your computer is through an email attachment. If you do not know about the sender, then it is recommended not to open these attachments. Only open it when you are sure that it is a genuine attachment. If an accessory is asking to enable macros, then never open it.

  • Never Download Files from Non-Trusted Websites
  • If you are opening a website, double-check to verify it. There are high chances of ransomware from unknown sites. The trusted sites always have a trust mark on them. Moreover, make sure that the site is using https. You should also download anything on your mobile phone from a trusted source.

  • Avoid Giving Personal Data
  • If someone is calling you and asking for your personal information, then it is 100% a ransom call. To gain access, criminals often try to get your data. They can use this data to target you by making you open an infected link or attachment. Never let access to your information no matter how hard they try. Most of the time, these criminals call you as a company representative.

  • Always Use a VPN When Connected to Public Wi-Fi
  • Who does not want free Wi-Fi on cafes and the airport? But you need to be cautious while browsing on a public network. Because you are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To protect yourself, avoid using public Wi-Fi and if you have to, use a VPN then.

  • Backup Your Important Data
  • To protect yourself from such attacks, you should back up all of your essential data. In this way, your data will remain safe. You should save this backup on an external hard drive and then disconnect it from the computer. If the hard drive is connected, then the criminals can also get access to the backup.

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