Why Webinars are Great Marketing Tools for Businesses

Although webinars are far from new, it is a type of content that has surged in popularity lately. More and more businesses are starting to make use of webinars as marketing tools, and tapping into their potential.

The fact of the matter is there are a lot of reasons why webinars are great marketing tools, and by understanding those reasons you could start to use them to your advantage:

7 Point Checklist to Plan Your Webinar

Live and interactive content

As social media platforms have started to roll out livestreaming support and it has proven to be able to engage more viewers – businesses have been looking for ways to jump on board. Webinars are perfectly positioned to take advantage of that, as they are exactly the type of live and interactive content that businesses can use for marketing.

The reach of social media synergizes well with the ability of webinars to engage users and encourage direct interaction. In short, webinars can be positioned as a key part of a businesses’ social media marketing strategy.

Establishes credibility

One of the unique advantages of webinars is that you will be able to establish a great deal of credibility for your business and its ideas. It will give you the opportunity to share your brand’s standpoint and provide viewers with valuable information that will position you as a thought leader.

In terms of your business reputation you can’t put a price tag on the credibility that webinars provide. It will foster a trust in your brand that can provide numerous benefits down the line.

Easy to create

Contrary to popular belief it isn’t that difficult to create webinars, and while some preparation is required it is generally similar to most other videos. Unlike conventional videos however, there is no post-production to worry about and webinars are normally recorded in more controlled settings with less variables.

While it doesn’t hurt to be ambitious, if you want you could record and stream a simple webinar with nothing more than a camera and yourself as a presenter. That being said it does help to have a moderator to control the comments section and identify comments that you may want to respond to directly.

Can be repurposed for other platforms

While a big part of the appeal of webinars is that they are live and interactive, you can repurpose its content for other platforms. For example if you learn how to record a webinar you could then ‘quote’ its footage in other videos, extract short clips for social media, and so on.

All you need to save a webinar is a screen recorder, and for example you could try Movavi Screen Recorder if you’re looking for one.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of webinars and why they make such great marketing tools – you should start planning one of your own. If properly executed webinars could help you to build brand awareness, reach out to more potential customers, and give your business a great reputation among customers and other businesses alike.

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