10 Websites That Every Student Must Know About

A list of 10 different useful websites that every student should know about is shared in this article. These websites are related to how to find textbooks, solve math problems, you can get essay writer online and a lot of other things. It is a huge field where there are hundreds of other websites also. Given here are the most useful and common ones.

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This is a huge website where you will find a community that deals with the questions of your subject. It will help you find ananswerto whatever confusion you are in.


So, if you are stuck in a mathematical problem, then here comes the rescue. This website will guide you step by step to find the answer to whatever your question is maybe. It will charge you on a monthly basis.


If you want a source where you can get free answers to your mathematical problems, then this is the website that you must be seeking. It solves your almost similar math problems as the previous one does.


This is the website that allows the student to shrink their expenses by offering discounts on things that a student mostly need, such as, traveling discount, textbook discounts, etc.


This is a type of website that also offers discounts on newly arrived books. You can save a lot of money through this. Also, they provide the students with the soft copy of books so that they can read them till the shipment reach their place. There is a whole community of tutors on this website who are ready to help you with your problems all the time.


This website is quite different from other ones. It helps a student in waking up at a time they wish to get up. It helps you break your bad habit of oversleeping or less than required.


This is the website helps you record you everyday to do list on your computer. It will help you become a more productive person by organizing your daily study schedules.


This is possibly the nest application out there that is helping millions of students to manage their calendars. It is simple in use and can be used on any computer or smartphone you have.


This is the most reliable application because it helps in guarding all your important data in one place. You can access it at any time as it is synced and kept updated all the time. It makes sure that all your important files are backed up. Incase you lose your computer hardware, there will be nothing for you to worry about as the data is already saved in the drop box.


This is an awesome resource for those students who are interested in learning computer software. This is the best place to seek help from. Every type of computer language and every type of software learning chances are here at one place, on this website.

Hopefully, this list of websites will be useful for the reader. You can take the name of the website and then type it in your search bar and reach where you want.

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