2021 Guide: How to Stay Motivated to Study?

As a student, you know how important it is to study regularly and stay focused on your academic assignments. You need to be well-organized and hardworking to reach and maintain academic standards successfully. One of the key factors that will influence your study experience is your motivation. But, staying motivated is easier said than done.

We’ve all had those moments when we feel like giving up, laying down, and watching TV. But, instead of giving up, you should explore different ways of encouraging yourself. Below, we’ve prepared a list of the best strategies for staying motivated to study that 2021 students need to learn about.

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1. Create a Study Schedule

When you lack a study routine, and you do things as they come, your life can easily become pretty hectic. And by hectic we mean stressful. 

Creating a study routine can help you remove the stress from your study process and thus feel more motivated to do it.

Creating a study schedule is simple:

  • write down all of your academic and study assignments
  • write the deadlines
  • decide how much time you need to handle each one
  • decide when to start studying and how much time you’ll need to finish

This way, you’ll organize each study session efficiently and know exactly what you have lined up each day.

2. Focus on One Goal

Study motivation comes from knowing you can handle it all, and you’ve got the situation under control. If you focus on too many tasks at once, you won’t be able to finish any of them successfully.

That is why you should always focus on a single goal in your study sessions. This will help you:

  • find focus
  • work faster
  • achieve more

Concentrating on a single goal includes gathering all study materials, notes, and resources for that task and working hard on finishing it. For example, if a task is to write an essay, gather your class notes, visit WritingUniverse for inspiration, and read additional materials online. The more focus you have, the better you’ll feel, and the motivation levels will rise.

3. Find the Perfect Study Space

Having a designated study space in your home can work wonders for your motivation. Studying all over the house can lead to different temptations, from opening the fridge to turning on the TV just for a minute.

But, if you create a distinct study space, you’ll be more willing to sit and learn. All you need is:

  • a remote part of your home
  • a desk and a chair
  • some motivational quotes on the wall
  • a flower or minimal decoration
  • some colors

If this isn’t working for you, try exploring spots such as your school library, coffee shop, or a bench in the park. You never know what might work for you.

4. Find a Study Buddy

Teaming up with a study buddy can work wonders for your motivation. You can even join a study group to get the extra support and motivation you need.

So, find someone to study with. Together, you’ll: 

  • share your study notes
  • motivate one another to keep going
  • make the study process more fun

You can also share insight about useful online resources like these best websites for essay writing. Give it a try to see how positively it’ll affect your study process.

5. Reward Yourself

We all deserve a pat on the shoulder for doing a good job and successfully reaching a goal we’ve set. You can create your reward system and use it to stay motivated.

So, come up with some things you love doing, and promise yourself you’ll do it if you get the grade you wanted or pass an exam. Rewarding yourself for the big achievements will positively influence your study process.


Final Thoughts

Motivation is the key to successful studying and has a lot to do with determination. Finding motivation is not always the easiest task, but you need to find a way to do it.

Hopefully, the tips we’ve shared above will help you stay motivated to study and achieve your academic success.

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