3 Things That Make Employees Miserable And How To Avoid Them

A third of employees leaving their jobs do so because they are disengaged and for employers who lose a star employee, this news hits the hardest. Although entrepreneurs tend to do a lot of the heavy lifting to keep the gears in motion, they may lose touch with those on the ground which could leave them vulnerable to a high staff turnover. These are some of the strategies employers can implement to ensure their staff remains engaged and onboard.

It’s Not About The Money

Employers who think that they can solve their employment issue by throwing money at them miss the point, especially with highly motivated and talented employees. It takes more than just a pay rise to keep an employee engaged, they also require an investment of time, respect, and appreciation. Their workplace should allow them a platform on which to discuss their ideas and give credit where credit is due. It’s also critical that promises are kept in order to maintain a level of trust.

Staff Require Some Autonomy

While it’s important for business owners to keep their finger on the pulse, staff members also require some autonomy in order to feel empowered. One way to do this is to provide them with access to systems and programs that allow them to make some of the decisions for themselves. Workforce management software, according to Advanced Systems, empowers staff members by allowing them to streamline some of their daily tasks as their administrative burden is reduced.

It’s Not Always About What You Can Get Out Of Them

Owners and managers who continuously apply a tit-for-tat approach to doing stuff for their employees will create a culture of expectation. This, in turn, can leave employees unfulfilled as they can’t simply enjoy generosity as each “gift” will have strings attached to it. Instead, to things to simply appreciate employees as opposed to keeping score of everything. This allows them to work in a more relaxed environment and use their competitive muscles for those incentives that matter. Sometimes it’s important for employees to take a break from the numbers, even if they’re in a sales environment.

By creating an atmosphere where dedicated staff members can flourish, employers will reap the rewards and truly tap into their human resource fully. Investment in a dedicated staff member is likely to deliver a worthy return.

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