5 Health-Promoting Initiatives That Your Company Should Implement

A full-time employee in America spends more than one-third of his day, five days a week, at the workplace. Granting this amount of time is spent in the work environment, it’s but right for employers to take responsibility in promoting and protecting their workers’ health and wellness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, keeping the workforce healthy can lower direct costs, which include worker’s compensation claims and insurance premiums. It also significantly impacts indirect costs, such as productivity and absenteeism.

Implementing Workplace Health Programs

To promote a health-conscious culture in the workplace, one thing that companies should start implementing are health programs, which are a comprehensive step-by-step strategy that includes policies, programs, and related benefits.

Here are some health-promoting program components and strategies that organizations can include:

Smoking cessation programs

Although tobacco smoke never exceeds the limit on indoor quality standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in most cases, it’s no secret that team members who smoke may more likely cost their employers more money compared to non-smokers. To promote a hazard-free workplace, employers may offer smoking cessation programs to willing employees. This may include lifestyle coaching and pharmacological assistance when need be.

In the end, what’s being discussed here is the willingness of the employer to take the plunge and demonstrate a real interest in the wellbeing of their employees. It’s worth mentioning that caring about your workforce will be fundamental when determining work policies and the best ways of retrieving your employees’ advocacy, and that’s what is being talked about and promoted on www.jobsage.com. Keep in mind that, at some point, employee engagement and company results do correlate. They always have.

Providing access to fitness facilities

Providing access to your local gym and other fitness centers are a fool-proof way to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy. As an employer, you may not see the effects of this effort on your company firsthand, but having a healthy team essentially keeps the work going and the work quality at its best.

The Health Train: Keeping Your Staff In Good Nick

If your finances allow it, you can have an outdoor multi-sports court installed. This courtyard can be split into multiple parts for different kinds of sports, such as basketball, badminton, tennis, and many more. It should be a place where all employees can relieve their stress and loosen any work-related tension.

Providing healthy snack options

To promote good health and wellness in the workplace, it’s time to toss out unhealthy pantry food. Employees tend to eat junk food since it’s the most accessible to them, so it’s best for companies to facilitate the delivery of healthy foods to the break room, such as fresh fruits and veggies. In the long run, these are a much better investment compared to vending machines filled with candy bars, sodas, and potato chips.

Installing an on-site clinic

On-site clinics keep employees protected and treated quickly in case of occupational injuries. This usually helps larger employers and heavy-duty industries where workplace injuries may occur anytime.

Essentially, an on-site clinic provides a lot of benefits to both employee and employer. First of all, it helps lower the costs of healthcare delivery, as employees essentially incur a lower co-pay. It also increases preventive care in the workplace and helps to manage chronic conditions among employees effectively. Onsite clinics should be equipped with the baseline medical equipment such as a blood pressure monitor, SpO2 sensors, and thermometers.

Establishing sports and activities clubs

Most work environments often subject their employees with just the four walls of the office the entire day. This often places an individual to a lot of stress, and the tension can lead to other problems, such as falling to drug and substance abuse. Thus, companies conduct random alcohol breath analyzer or drug testing on their employees to deter and eliminate alcohol and drug misuse in the workplace. But as an employer, you can opt activities or programs to provide your employees better ways to keep them away from such vices. By making sports clubs available, your team members will have a way to keep their minds clear and focus their energies on healthier activities.

To make sure that employees get the healthiest work environment possible, businesses are encouraged to create a wellness culture that’s centered on employees, which encourages optimal health not just physically but psychologically as well.

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