How to Run Your Company on Good Employees

Having good employees is one of the key elements in organizational success. It is important to place value on the quality of your employees, whether you own a large or a small company.

But, many companies forget to understand that there are strategies needed to recruit and preserve good employees. It is not enough for top-level administrators to supervise people under them. There must be human resources strategies that should also take place.

What are some of the ways that your company can improve on employee quality?

Look past the resume and focus on the interview.

Many recruitment staff are so bent on finding the right credentials on the resume. Qualifications are important, but they don’t mean anything if your employee is unmotivated. As an employer, you must prepare interview questions that help find out the character and work ethic of your potential candidates. This is helpful for you to consider their resume or qualifications, but still look past it.

Asking your candidates about their strengths and weaknesses can tell something about your candidate’s character. Additionally, questions about what they know regarding the company can give you an idea of how they are planning to contribute their talents. It may also help to ask about their professional achievements in the past.

Find ways to gather feedback.

Employers often overlook the importance of gathering feedback to improve employee quality. It is often assumed that feedback is only meant to improve the company’s service. However, in a smaller scale of things, it can also improve each employee’s performance.

When an organization responds to the needs of their employees, they are likely to do better on their jobs. Some of the ways to have better employee feedback include: Bringing back the suggestion box, having online surveys, and conducting meetings. It is important not to be defensive on suggestions of employees. After all, the improvement of your company is their improvement as well. Some of the questions you can ask include the following:

  • What are some of your suggestions to improve (current situation)?
  • What are some ways to perform (insert task) better?
  • What do you think of (system)?
  • Preserving anonymity may give you more transparent results. Employees do not like confrontations for some of their negative opinions. It is best to give them that space to express their thoughts.

    Regularly hold employee training

    Do you know that companies who regularly hold trainings have confident employees?

    Better management means finding ways to build up the skill set of one’s manpower. If you have a new technology in place, it can be helpful to set a training session for employees involved as soon as possible. Whenever possible, you can do this at a time where they don’t feel pressured or asked to put in more office hours just for the training.

    Some of the ways to do this is to preserve one week for them to work by completing their outputs at home, but attending the office for the new training. Another option is doing the training first thing in the morning for a few days. This can help improve their transition to the new technology or system in place.

    Respect your employee’s work-life balance

    Good employees are well-rested ones. Your employees have other hats to fulfill other than being workers of your company. Allowing them to have a life outside of work will help improve their performance as well.

    Schedule appropriate breaks at work. Require realistic outputs. Remind yourself that if you care for your employees, they will care for your clients.

    Another great way to allow employees to take breaks is by having company retreats. Company retreats allow them to rest, recharge, and have opportunities to bond with their colleagues. It also helps you to re-align yourself with the mission and vision of your organization. In these events, you can discuss quarterly or yearly agendas as well.

    Get feedback from your clients

    Lastly, a common practice that should never be neglected is getting feedback from your customers. You can ask customers about your service, or if there’s a specific department in your company that warrants attention.

    Customer feedback is valuable because it helps you to identify blind spots that you or your manpower seem to neglect. Some of the easy ways to gather customer feedback is through online reviews, surveys, suggestion boxes, and in-person questions.

    Employees reflect the value of the company. By taking these strategies to heart, you are on your way to having good employees to back up your organization.

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