3 Ways to Make Money on the Side

Whether you need extra money to pay the bills, take a nice vacation, or build up your savings, a side hustle can help. To determine which hustle is right for you, consider your skill set, how much capital you’ll need, and the amount of time required.

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Provide a Service

Providing a service is a common side gig and one that can generate a significant amount of income. To decide what type of service you’d like to provide, take a look at your current skill set. Many people assume they need to learn a new skill to start a business, but that’s simply not the case. You probably already have all the knowledge you need to build a successful side hustle.

If you’re a teacher, consider tutoring. A stay-at-home-parent could open a home daycare. If you’ve always enjoyed writing, start freelancing. An accountant could open a consulting business that caters to startups.
If you still need ideas, look around your community and figure out what services people are willing to pay for. Pet owners need pet sitters. Plenty of people want help with lawn and house care. Busy professionals will pay to have home-cooked meals delivered to their doors.

Many of these ideas require little capital to get going, but costs vary depending on the type of business you start. Do a little research to get a ballpark figure of how much money you’ll need.

Trade in the Stock Market

Trading in the stock market is a potentially lucrative side gig. When you’re first learning how to make money from trading stocks, you’ll need to choose whether to become a day trader or a swing trader. Day traders buy and sell stocks on the same day. Day trading requires a lot of time and attention but has the potential to make a lot of money.

Swing trading is similar to day trading, but swing traders hold their stocks for a few days before selling them. Like day trading, swing trading has the potential to make a lot of money, but it doesn’t require the time commitment. Swing traders can work regular jobs and check their holdings once or twice a day.
Trading requires more capital than other side hustles, but different brokerage firms have different minimum financial requirements to get started.

Become a Blogger

Starting a blog doesn’t require any specialized skills, but you will need persistence and patience. Eventually, you’ll want to market your blog to gain traction, but don’t worry about marketing when you’re just getting started.
First, choose a blogging platform and domain name. While free blogging platforms and domain names are available, it’s a good idea to use a paid platform if you’re planning to monetize your blog.

After you’ve chosen a platform and domain, choosing a theme, modify it to fit your personal style, and start writing. Making money from blogging is possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Patience and persistence are key.
A side hustle is an excellent way to supplement your income. If you stick with it, you can make a considerable amount of money and create a financial cushion that’ll provide financial security and peace of mind.

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