Small To Big Business In Three Easy Steps

Starting a small business is a big success. It is no secret that fifty percent of small businesses fail in the first year. And, even worse, ninety percent go out of business in the second and third years. Still, you can’t sit there and pat yourself on the back because you sneaked through the cracks. If you want to take it even further you have to establish yourself as a big player. Turning yourself into a bigger business isn’t easy, but it is well worth the rewards. If you are ready to take the next steps, here are three easy steps you should consider.


Get A Logo

Scratch that – get a great logo. There is a belief in the small business world that only big businesses deserve a logo. It is like a logo is a badge of their success. The reality is this is far from the truth. Any business can get a logo, and it can have the same results if you pick the right one. For starters, it is a good business idea because of the way people see logos. Even consumers tell themselves you must be a big deal because you have your own trademark above the door. As a result, they will start to see you as a big business and everything will start to change. Getting a logo is easy, too, so there is no excuse. All you have to do is make sure it isn’t random. Otherwise it will look silly and tacky.

Invest In Reviews

‘Sure, reviews are fine, but they aren’t a big deal.’ That is the kind of thought that will hold your business back. The truth is that reviews are essential if you want to go to the next level. Why? It’s because they build trust with consumers with that. A consumer will trust a review by a previous customer more than your mission statement because it is unbiased. The logic is simple but so effective and online reviews are crucial for success for this very reason. The trick is to get your customers to provide a review. Most customers are lazy and don’t bother after they make a purchase. Your only option is to push the review as much as possible. Any time they make a purchase, ask them to provide feedback. Not every customer will, but an ample of constructive review is enough to make a difference.


Be Consistent

Finally, be consistent with your brand. The brand and the path you choose are what will help you go to the next level. The problem with this is a business won’t think twice about deviating from the path for short-term gains. Without being too hyperbolic, this is the biggest mistake you can make. Everything you do to your build your brand will disappear as soon as you lose your consistency. There is no doubt that it is a difficult goal to achieve because it is hard to see when you are being consistent. However, it is essential you keep it in the back of your mind as you try to go from one stage to the next.


And there it is – three ways to build your business. It doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

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