4 Easy Tactics to Promote Your Website Content in 2019

The internet is filled with fantastic content. People spend days in research and creation to come up with a perfect piece of content with only one goal – to add value. Producing great content is not sufficient, promoting that content is equally or even more important. You need your content to be delivered the right and as many people as possible. If you’ve spent hours in the creation of your content, you can’t neglect the importance of content promotion.

After designing an attractive website, you want your content to increase sales, get more leads, and create new business opportunities. Simply publishing that content on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn is not enough (unless you have millions of followers who share your content).

content is king

Why should you promote your content?

Sharing your content only on social media is not enough. It’s a good thing to do but just a basic strategy. It will mostly reach your existing followers, but your content needs to reach new and relevant people. For example, Facebook’s algorithm has changed with time and limits you to reach only a few of your existing followers. The best part is that the situation doesn’t seem to improve with time.

Below are a few excellent and easy ways to get your content noticed and reach the right audience.

Promote your content on discussion forums

The best way to reach a wider audience is to promote your content on popular discussion forums such as Reddit and Quora. Each of them has different rules, so keep your content relevant to their guidelines.

  • Reddit – Reddit is a place where self-promotion is not appreciated. You need to build your value first by interacting with relevant content, posting insightful comments, and giving upvotes. Once you reach a trustworthy level, only then you can share the content that promotes your brand.
  • Quora – Quora is a place where people share knowledge on multiple topics. Success mantra for Quora is similar to that of Reddit – become a trustworthy member of the community by sharing knowledge and upvoting the answers you like. Although, you can always add links to your website content if that adds value to your answer. This way, you’ll become a trustworthy member of the community and subtly promote your content before coming up with promotional content for your website.
  • Community Engagement

    Businesses often forget that engaging with their community is one of the best ways for a long-term business and to reach potential customers. Community engagement at various social media platforms portrays that you focus on your customers and helps you connect emotionally with them. Providing an excellent customer experience should be a top priority of your content marketing strategy.

    Visual Content

    – Designing a website once is not enough. You need to update the design and its content regularly. Also, maintaining a blog is a good option. The content you post should be visually appealing. For example, if you’re a digital marketing and web design company in Frederick, MD – you should add visual proofs of your SEO tips and conversion rate optimization hacks that have yielded results in the US.

    Ask an influencer to promote it

    Influencer marketing is on boom nowadays. If you have developed a product and thinking of showcasing that information on your website, contact an influencer(s) from the industry. Ask about their views on your product and related content (maybe get a quote from them), and post their views when you announce your new product on social media. You can also ask the influencer(s) to share that content on his website or blog. This will serve a dual purpose: you’ll reach a new audience (that too from a reputable influencer), and the influencer will also build a better image in the industry.

    Final Words

    Follow these tactics to promote your website content. You might see that some tactics work better than others – learn from this experience and create your own content marketing strategy that works for you.

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