How To Attract Your Ideal Customers & Create Recurring Income

How To Attract Your Ideal Customers & Create Recurring Income

If you want to grow and scale your business in a way that it continues to make money for years to come, then you’re going to have to be focusing your time only in the areas you’re best at – and that usually means working directly on projects, with clients, and even creating.

As there are only so many hours in the day, and only so much of you to go around, then it’s not possible for you to keep working purely 1:1 – not unless you want to burn out and not be there for your clients.

Your clients are looking for different ways to work with you. For example, maybe they’re not yet at the stage where they need to work with you privately, but could still hugely benefit from your work. Creating a product they can access instantly for a much lower cost will provide them with the support they need for much less, free up your time to work on the things you love most, and create a monthly income for you.

When you start people off with lower end products, you can offer them higher end products later down the line, because they already know what your work can do for them. Not only does this create immediate recurring income for you, but it helps you create a loyal customer base who will buy pretty much anything just to access you, so you no longer have to post in Facebook groups for clients (hopefully you’re not doing that, anyway).

Now, you’re probably wondering how exactly you go about creating this recurring income, right?

Actually that’s the easy part. All you really need are a few things:

  • – A strong sales funnel that allows you to bring in new leads daily via a lead capture software and make sales to your ideal clients without doing anything after you’ve set it up;
  • – Some good systems to stay organized and focused on money-making tasks and that help you manage your time and money to grow your income;
  • – A simple website that where you can bring people through your funnel, sell and deliver your products that will create your recurring income.

Honestly, business is actually far less complicated than many of the 6-figure gurus like you to believe – in fact, I’ve found that simple truly works best.

Even if you ignore the rest of this, and just focus on the sales funnel part, you’ll be on your way to a highly successful and profitable online business.

The reason sales funnels work so well is that they’re completely focused and targeted towards your ideal clients, and not freebie hunters. Sure, you’re always going to have freebie hunters signing up for your stuff, but with the right funnel in place, you can weed them out pretty fast.
If you need help with where to get started creating a sales funnel or what to include in one, then you can find many resources online to help you with this, or you can even hire someone to actually create one for you based around your business and goals.

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