5 Important Features to Research Before Picking a Hosting Plan

If you find it difficult to select a single hosting plan for your new website, you should inspect the quality of several features. These features are essential for making an informed choice regarding your plan, as pointed out by professional hosting platforms such as How to hosting Guide.

So, what are the features of an excellent hosting plan?

5 Important Features to Research Before Picking a Hosting Plan

Fast and reliable server

Your site should be stored or hosted on a special computer known as a server to function correctly. When online users want to visit your site, they should type the website address or domain into the browser. Their computers connect them to the server, and the pages of your site are delivered via the browser. The faster the server, the better experience your users have.

Note that you must choose a provider with a server configuration following your content management system (CMS), such as WordPress. This configuration should also ensure a smart caching strategy needed for fast and reliable service.

Security features

If you want your website to be secure, you should rely on an SSL certificate, a firewall, and a spam prevention tool. Another crucial element to consider adding is a solution against denial-of-service attacks, such as CloudFlare. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of a backup – you need daily, automatic backups to be immunized against issues. Make sure that those are included in your plan.

A free SSL

Many hosting plans offer a free SSL certificate, so make sure that your provider offers you one. An SSL is crucial to the secure experience of your visitors.

By definition, it is a type of digital certification that provides authentication and an encrypted connection. Long story short, the SSL certificate is what enables your site to move from HTTP to HTTPS.

This certificate usually contains the following information:

  • The domain name
  • Details about the person or organization
  • The authority that issued it and its digital signature
  • Associated subdomains, if such are available
  • Issue date and expiration date
  • The public key. Note that the private key is kept secret

Easy cPanel

Did you know that cPanel is probably the most widely known software for managing your hosting account? The control panel is designed to help you manage all the files, folders, FTP accounts, databases, and backups related to your plan.

You can optimize cPanel to improve your server’s speed. The software includes lots of features and services, but your server most likely doesn’t need or use all of them. If this is your case, consider disabling them to free up some resources. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t disable services if you’re uncertain of their purpose.

You can also configure your cPanel to have less restrictions.

24/7 support

Needless to say, professional support is a must for an excellent hosting plan. Make sure that the team will be at your disposal 24/7, at all times, via telephone, live chat, and email. You can also read the reviews of other customers to see whether they are pleased with the support or not.

In conclusion, read as much as possible to educate yourself. This is the only way to discover the best plan to satisfy your needs.

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