5 Reasons to Use Stickers and Labels for Your Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of different tools and techniques out there which you can adopt in order to promote your business. But where popular marketing methods like social media marketing or billboard advertising are highly effective and are used by the majority of successful businesses, they are not just enough. If you want to gain that competitive edge over your competitors, you will have to incorporate underrated and effective marketing methods and tools into your marketing plans. Among these underrated tools are stickers and labels, which if you used right, can help you build a strong brand image. Stickers and labels come in all kinds of different sizes and can be used for several purposes. In this article, we have mentioned a few reasons that will convince you to use stickers and labels in your marketing, let’s take a look:


One of the main reasons to add stickers and labels in your marketing is that they are quite affordable. Compared to other marketing methods which can be used to get your brand message out there, stickers and labels are relatively pretty cheap. You can also check The Printing House if you are looking to learn more about stickers and labels for your business as they provide great value for your money. Apart from that, you will be able to save a lot of money that you would spend on an alternative form of marketing which allows you to invest in something better.


As mentioned earlier stickers come in all forms and can be used for several different methods. You can blend them with other marketing tools and can use them in a way that fits your business. Stickers and labels can be used in anything from a car to a desk. If you are designing a marketing campaign just for print media, then you must add stickers in it as well. You can also make creative stickers and can pass them to your customers as a gift or coupon. How you use the stickers depends a lot on the nature of your business as well. But rest assured the possibilities are endless.

Provides Long Term Value

Unlike other forms of marketing, stickers provide you with long-term value. For example, if you have designed a generic sticker for your brand that can be used in the future as well, then you can get it printed in bulk at a pretty reasonable price. So even if you are changing marketing campaigns after every few months, you can still go with the same stickers without worrying too much about it.


Stickers are not just a gimmick or a pretty fashion; they can be informative as well. A lot of businesses that are already using stickers and labels for marketing are adding key information on the stickers that will attract the attention of customers and increase sales in the future. You can put almost any kind of information including contact details, discount offers and unique selling point. Also, don’t forget to add colour while putting a message, it will help you sticker standout.

Call to Action

Another way of utilising stickers and labels is to use them as a call to action for your offers. For example, if you are promoting a discount on one of your product ranges, then don’t just hand out flyers but hand out some stickers as well. When you are distributing flyers, you are just informing people about the discount, when you give them a sticker you are asking them to act on it.

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