5 Ways to Give Effective Business Presentations

How to give Effective Business Presentations

How to give a Successful Business Presentation

In our day-to-day life, we are in the habit of presenting, may it be in the form of sharing the highlights of our day, voicing out ideas and opinions, or chatting about our work.But in business, giving the best and effective presentations is a must, in order to close more leads and sales. Giving a presentation about your business and latest projects with clients or stakeholders or with a large audience, can be stressful or a bliss. It depends on how you prepare and take the experience.


Preparation and effective delivery are the most important steps for you to give the best business presentation and close that important deal and generate more sales.

In this article, I will outline 5 ways to give Effective Business Presentations:

1. Connect with your audience

Your presentation must fit the occasion and audience you are speaking to. For example, when you’re presenting to high- profile clients, your presentation must be formal, organized and businesslike. But when you’re speaking to students or friends, your presentation must be more simple and casual.

One of the best way to connect with your audience is to animate your presentation by putting popular quotes. Engage with your audience by asking questions that resonates with what they value.

Make your presentation touch at a personal level- how would your product and service make a difference on their lives, how does your products and services add value to your customers? Ask them questions and interact with your audience during your presentation.

2. Paint a picture in your audience’ minds

Let them picture out your idea, products, and services by placing pictures and images in your presentation. There’s truth to the saying that, “A picture paints a thousand words.” But make sure to pick out great images and visuals that tell a moving story about your business, products and services.

Your presentation must leave a lasting impression on their minds long after they’ve gone back to their offices or homes. That’s why visuals are great since it lasts longer and can also be shared in the various social media sites.Convey your thoughts clearly by putting relevant content in your presentation. The flow of presentation looks like this:

    Flow of Presentation

  • The Opening: Grab the audience attention
  • Body: Substance and Purpose
  • Closing: Summary of Main points and Highlights

3. Put incredibly great content

Make your presentation count by putting content that matters. Don’t be too wordy and stuffing your audience with too much content. The purpose of presentation is interaction, which means that, it is the backdrop and the highlight of your speech, so make it count.

Presentation also serves as your guide so that you know where to emphasize, pause, ask questions and elaborate more on the topic. Presentation also acts a promotion of your business, products and services.

4. Use statistics and data

One important thing to put in your presentations are charts and graphs based on research and statistics. This statistics must align with the purpose of your presentation. But don’t make it too technical that your audience would need to look up a dictionary, almanac or Google for the definition of terms. Make your presentation as basic as possible and understandable by people of various demographics and background.

As Albert Einstein said, “Make it simple, but not simpler.”

5. You are the presentation

Presentations does not work when you the presentor is not an effective and confident speaker to talk about the subject. That means, the success of the presentation relies on you who delivers the content to your clients or audience.

Be confident and eliminate “ahh, uhmms, you know” in your speech. Be mindful of your body language so that it will convey authority, confidence and assurance that communicates to your audience.

Buddy up with a colleague or friend and practice your presentation beforehand. Be knowledgeable of the subject and data you’re speaking about in the presentation beforehand. And, during your presentation, have a clear voice and tone and put emphasis on the most important topics in the presentation. It can also be incredibly helpful to take up a public speaking class in nyc and get some expert guidance.

Add a sense of humor to make the presentation more interesting and entertaining for your audience.

And always remember, you are part of the presentation, so portray authority and confidence on the subject.

One of the great and effective speakers of our century is the late Steve Jobs. In one of his great speeches, Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, and Stay foolish.” In that light, we must continuously learn and hone our craft may it be in speaking, presenting, selling, working out tasks, and managing business.

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