A Closer Look to Forex Trading: Strategies, Signals, and Pumps

The forex trading industry has grown to become a $5.3 trillion (in 2021) industry, and has been estimated to be worth $2.409 quadrillion in the future, with $6.6 trillion daily trading in the market. Successful trade doesn’t just happen; it is a product of cumulative workings and factors that works in synergy to yield results. Some of the primary ones are strategies, signals, and pumps.

They all play different roles but with the same goal. FX brands and individuals also integrated these factors into their operations, creating appropriate methods and techniques to serve their clients better. One such is the Telegram Forex trade copier: a trading copier that redefines the experience of traders who engage in copy trading activities from the Telegram platform to MT4 platforms.

Forex Scalping Strategy

What are Forex Trading Strategies, Signals, and Pumps

While forex trading strategies are a useful technique applied by traders to speculate accurately and to decide whether a currency pair is worth buying or selling at a particular point in time, a pump is simply a (legal) term used in explaining the sudden increase in currency prices. Although pumps can be falsely done by a few elite traders who manipulate the market for personal profit, pumps are still a great way to make real profit in the forex market. Pumps are not limited to forex trading; they are also prevalent in stocks and commodities markets.

Forex signals, on the other hand, is a method or factor that suggests when a trader should enter a particular trade. It gives you a prior insight into how into a specific currency pair. Forex trading signals can either be generated by a professional human forex trader or a software tool called the “Forex Robot.” This software tool is an automated software that sends selected subscribers a working forex signal. It is usually used by copy forex trading companies to send trading signals to their subscribers.

How to Use Forex Trading Strategies, Signals, and Pumps

All these determinants of a good trade have their own uses, just as their roles differ. Trading strategies are more pragmatic than theoretical; it demands a lot of decisions to pull them off. Many factors determine how effective your strategy is, including your time, effort, budget, and ideas. There may be more, but those are the prime factors. Successful forex traders try out many strategies and then keep the ones that work.

One of the well-known strategies is the Day-trading and Night-trading strategies. It is just a process where traders choose to trade at either time of the day to trade currencies. And the most interesting thing about applying the right strategy is that you get to keep what works; it may not work out well for another trader. Some other trading strategies include Scalping, Position Trading (which are always long-term), etc.

To use trading signals, you have to work with charts. Study charts that you think have the potential to provide the best results when you apply them. In most cases, traders go looking for the best trading signals outside what they already have hence, the increasing demand for copy trading signals. There are copy forex trading signals companies out there that provide trading signals to traders looking for other methods to expand their trade.

They study these charts, including the position and movements of these charts, and apply the exact pattern suggested in the signal. Most traders who use the copy forex trading signals are amateurs looking to learn from professionals and trying to find new ways to augment their game. Unfortunately, traders don’t have the power to pump the price. Pumping comes; naturally; market activities trigger it. To an average good forex trader, a pump means profit.

Advantages of Forex Trading Strategies, Signals, and Pumps

Because these factors differ, their advantages also differ. For forex trading strategies:
• It propels consistency in traders. It motivates an average trader to be up and doing. And with a good trading strategy, you are always assured.
• Applying strategies in your trading keeps you disciplined. It makes you stick to rules, methods and timing.
• Strategies keep risk away. Traders that stick to strategies barely lose funds, which is why experts always advise against going contrary to your strategy.

Advantages of Signals

• Signals are headway to successful forex trading. They guide traders through the path of success; all they need do is follow the charts to where it leads.
• It minimizes risks. Because they serve as your guide throughout the trading session, the possibility of losing in trade reduces drastically.

Advantages of Pumps

• Pumps translate to profit for an average trader, especially when they buy low.
• It serves as a prime motivator since it breeds profit.


Aside from strategies, signals, and pumps: the three prime actors in the forex trading profession, there are still other ones every good trader must acknowledge to perform optimally in the trade. And note, as every trader has power signals and strategies, none have the power over pumping, as market trends can only influence performance.

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