Best Android Spy Apps Without Hacking

Hacking is one of the unethical and illegal activities online. Some of the people introduce a term ethical hacking or legal hacking but all these terms are common for the legal agencies not common people. In case you need to keep a heck on your spouse, kids or working staff in a certain manner, hacking is not a solution. You do have a number of other options to spy on their activities without hacking any device or account.

There are numerous sms trackers and many apps available out there, that lets you to get into other’s stuff easily. You can have the call records, messages, and gallery and reminder information as well. There is no need to hack anyone’s phone or account now. Here are some of the best apps that get you covered free.

My free Android spy

The free spy android all lets you to access phone memory that includes phone book, media files, calendar, browser history, messages and much more. It works like a device mask that clones the other device on your device easily. All you need is to install the app on target device in the invisible mode. The app will keep the track on all the device activities and operations. Moreover, you will be able to keep the track of target device location.

Automatic call recorder

Although it is not a detective app and cannot get you much of information but can record all calls. The app secretly records the phone calls and uploads them to cloud so you will be able to hear whatever the call was about. It seems a big help when you want to capture the other person silently. It do not take too much of efforts to install and configure the app on target device. Moreover, it lets you to specify some calls on phone as per preference.

Free phone spy

An undetectable spy app works hidden on the targeted phone. It is one of the best options for the spouse or kid spying secretly. The app will help you to access the GPS location, test messages, phone calls, recordings and much more. Moreover, it gives you a track of all the social media activities and you can block some of sites and apps on the targeted device. The control panel of the all gives you a complete control on the other device that will eventually get you the best spy and control.

Search has no limits

Here are some of the best android apps that help you in keeping the track of one’s activities. These are not the ultimate or final apps that you can have. In fact, the search is unlimited and you will be able to find many of the paid or subscription based spying apps. These apps will offer you much more features that will help in spying. You will not have to hack the devices but just bug them with these apps and enjoy.

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