3 Tips When Buying a MacBook

In the current digital era, a laptop has become an indispensable part of our lives, for example to take to work or simply at home at the kitchen table. There is a wide choice of types of laptops in various price ranges. How do you know which laptop best suits your wishes and needs? If you value quality, a MacBook is a good choice. But what exactly is a MacBook?

Six different types of MacBook

A MacBook is a laptop from the Apple brand, which means that these laptops have a different operating system than a laptop from another brand. Apple has six types of laptops, namely the MacBook 12-inch, MacBook Air 11-inch, MacBook Air 13-inch, MacBook Pro 13-inch, MacBook Pro 15-inch and the older version of the MacBook. These different MacBooks vary in size, weight, memory and storage, among other things. In order to determine which laptop is best for you, it is important to consider what you mainly use the laptop for. Further down, you will find tips to help you buy a laptop.

Instead of a MacBook you can also rent a normal computer (translated to Dutch: computer huren Flexitrent) at Flex IT rent!

Buying a MacBook: three tips

When buying a MacBook, there are a number of aspects that you should pay attention to. It would of course be a shame if you pay money for functionalities that are of no importance to you at all. With the following tips you will never make a bad buy again:

  • Think carefully in advance what you want to use the MacBook for. Do you mainly write texts in Word or do you want to run large programs on it, such as drawing programs? This is important for determining memory.
  • For intensive use of your laptop, a fast processor is important, so that you can work quickly and your laptop lasts as long as possible.
  • Finally: let professionals advise you. Apple guarantees quality and service. A MacBook is a big purchase, so making good decisions is important.

For on the road

Are you often on the road with your laptop? Then it is wise to choose a MacBook Air. This is slightly cheaper than a regular MacBook and nice and light. In addition, this laptop is very thin, so it takes up little space in your bag.

Advantages of renting MacBooks

MacBooks are very expensive. Buying a MacBook is quite an investment. And you only need MacBooks temporarily. A day, a weekend, a week at most. For an event, fair or conference. Or for the company or you use your MacBook mostly at school.

You can buy them; then they are all yours (or the company) and you can always use them again. Do not do it. Rent a MacBook at Flex IT rent (translate to Dutch: macbook huren Flexitrent). The advantages compared to buying are too many to mention in this article.

Renting MacBooks is a huge savings compared to buying!

This is obvious: a new MacBook will soon cost you more than € 1000 excluding VAT. We rent them for from € 49, -. A huge saving say so for yourself.

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