American Startup Hopes to Becomes the Tinder for Insurance

Another app is adapting Tinder’s swiping feature and apply it to the insurance industry. American startup Trov recently launched a new offering on its mobile app. Originally an app that created digital inventories for people to track their possessions, it now has on-demand insurance for items like laptops. Currently available only on iOs, the insurance offering and is limited to portable consumer electronics such as tablets and phones.

When insuring an item, users only need to upload the details into the app and select it. Turning on protection would then require a swipe to the right. The app features a toggle that would allow users to adjust the time period an item is insured for and the amount of excess that they are okay with.

Trov founder and CEO, Scott Walchek told Mashable Australia that the company was spearheading a move towards “micro-duration policies”. “It’s a wholesale reinvention of the way people protect their things.”

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