April 25, 2023: US, Europe, Asian, Crypto Markets Quick Review

US, Europe, and Asian Markets

Mega-cap technology names such as Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet are expected to release their first quarter reports on April 25. This will be followed by Apple on May 4. Hence, the figures are a little bit changed. The S&P 500 closed at 4,137.04 (+0.09% DoD) and the DJIA closed at 33,875.40 (+0.20% DoD).

Major European banks are expected to release the first quarter earnings this week. European equities are slightly at lower levels as investors are looking for catalysts that could change their current market sentiments. The MSCI Europe closed at 157.69 (-0.01% DoD). 

Investors in Asian equities are also waiting for the US mega-cap technology names’ first earnings reports within the week. Hence, Asian equities sentiments are mixed but fell on average. Market participants expect slower growth amid high-interest rates and cooling business activity. The MSCI APxJ closed at 516.19 (-0.35% DoD).   

  • S&P 500 4,137.04 (+0.09% DoD) 
  • DJIA 33,875.40 (+0.20% DoD)
  • MSCI Europe 157.69 (-0.01% DoD)
  • MSCI APxJ 516.19 (-0.35% DoD)

The Crypto Metaverse

Tech investor Chamath Palihapitiya, who previously claimed Bitcoin has replaced gold and would eventually get to $200,000, now says “Crypto is dead in America.” “The United States authorities have firmly pointed their guns at crypto,” Palihapitiya said on the latest episode of the All-In podcast. The SEC has ramped up its enforcement of the crypto industry, bearing down on companies and projects that were allegedly selling unregistered securities.

  • Bitcoin $27,510.93
  • Ethereum $1,841.84
  • Binance $331.20
  • Cardano $0.3835
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