Sales Data Startup LeadiD Renames to Jornaya

Fast-growing consumer journey insights platform LeadiD has rebranded into Jornaya after securing $10 million in Series B funding.

Since its creation in 2011, Jornaya has experienced accelerated growth by its predictive analytics platform that provides insights into the customer purchase journey. Founder and CEO Ross Shanken said that in order for marketers to understand a consumer’s intent to make a purchase, they must ‘collect the dots before they can connect the dots.’

The funding round was led by growth equity firm Edison Partners positioning the company into its next journey as Jornaya.

While the brand has changed its identity, Jornaya promises the same amount of commitment to great products and service. The company is set to continue their journey of providing vast insights despite the mild confusion in their new product names.

Under LeadiD, the company raised $9.7 million, including funds raised in a Series A investment led by Comcast Ventures.


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