Sensor – 1: A Powerful Security System

Sensor-1, is a portable security system, which sticks to surfaces with a 3M Command Strip and can light up and sound an alarm if it is moved, alert users if it is left behind, or stealthily track how and when it’s moved. The device uses a combo of an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer to judge exactly where and how much it moves. You can connect it to phones or other devices with Bluetooth up to 300 feet, and it can then connect to the Internet and provide live updates on its status regardless of where you are. If it isn’t connected, it stores 24 hours of movement data for when you come back within range.

“[Sensor-1] scans the environment and then it stores a measurement,” CEO and founder Nick Warren told Mashable. “If that measurement changes beyond a certain amount, then it alarms”.

The Sensor-1 by MetaSensor just released on Indiegogo at $79 per device with an estimated September shipping date. There are other small, motion-detecting security devices like the Doberman, without the same amount of customization and doesn’t alert users through Bluetooth on its movement.

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