Brand Positioning: What You Need To Know

In any new or relatively new business, they need to burst out of the pen to make an impression. Every business that started yesterday will be replaced by the newer and sexier one tomorrow, so it’s a constant battle to swim to the top to get yourself heard. Every company has its own identity or brand, and the real task is to keep this brand in the place where it matters, your customers. Enter brand positioning.

Brand Positioning

What is this? Very simply, it is the process of putting i.e. positioning the brand in the minds of your customers. The goal of this process is to make a unique impression on your customer, so they associate your brand something that is distinct and different from the rest of the marketplace. The difference between this and taglines is that taglines will be used externally, in your marketing campaigns, online, on TV, and so forth. Brand positioning can eventually be turned into a tagline, but it needs to come from the insights of your positioning statement, and not as the result of a marketing campaign strategy. Are you with me so far? Good.

Its 4 elements

So you can create a positioning strategy, you need to understand how unique your brand is at the moment and what makes you different from your competitors. To do this, you need to look at how your brand is positioning itself now, identify and look at the positioning strategies of your competitors, compare the two, and from there, develop a distinct positioning idea, and then create a brand positioning statement. This is a one or two-sentence declaration that communicates the unique value of your brand towards your customers in relation to your primary competitors. This can be done by using four elements:

1. The target customer – the demographic you are trying to appeal to.
2. The market definition – the category your brand is competing in.
3. Brand promise – the most compelling benefit of your brand when in relation to your competition.
4. The “reason to believe” – why your brand delivers on its promises.

Its promotional process

Once you have truthfully answered these questions, it will bring a sense of clarity to every single promotional tactic, from your marketing strategies to your advertising campaigns. Knowing this should be part of an organic process for every business, and for every small business, there will need to be a way to cut back on the external costs. For each digital marketing agency, the importance of having a well-developed identity will make the working relationship so much easier. There are many agencies in the world to take your pick from, and you can click here for the full list of details. It is an inevitable part of the process in marketing your business to work with an agency to help improve your image, and many will ask you why you are different or try to get this out of you. If you already know, this will make the promotional process far easier.

Brand positioning requires a lot of inward looking from the perspective of a business. By getting this part down, so many other aspects will fall into place, and not just your marketing. It will help your business to operate with a better sense of process internally. Once you have figured out the brand positioning, it will make for a smooth ad campaign and a much more focused sense of business identity.

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