CP Plus Holds Grand Launching and Technology Show

Regardless of the reasons why we acquire security systems such as surveillance, we can never deny its importance. For such a long time it used to be something that is only utilized by large companies. Some of them might seem out of reach like the ones that we’ve seen in James Bond films. However, these days, it seems like there are cameras watching us wherever we go. Whether we are out just to grab some burgers or send our kids to school,security systems have indeed become a daily necessity in this modern world.

Installing a security system is relatively expensive especially if you are aiming for the high end kind. So the question is, is there a way that an establishment can acquire it in a cheaper way without compromising its function? CP Plus Advanced Security & Surveillance Solutions said yes at its official launching and technology show last week at the Cebu Grand Convention Center.

The leading global manufacturer of advanced security and surveillance solutions explained and show how to easily get a hold of them. The security company primarily aims to provide security products with justifiable costs and outstanding performance to the world market.

CP Plus press release 2016
The event’s highlight was the talk of Mr. Aman Arora where he discussed the company’s overview as well as their success stories and case studies which serve as their credentials. He eventually talked about how CP Plus keeps the trust of their clients and how they constantly strive to become a trusted brand. Another point discussed by Mr. Arora was their research and development process. Everybody had a good laugh when he shared a joke which goes, to steal ideas from many is research; to steal ideas from one person is plagiarism.

Key products of CP Plus such as their state of the art cameras and video surveillance were discussed by Mr. Sumir Bajaj. An in-depth outlook about their company’s overview was also delivered by Mr. Bajaj.


The event was made livelier when Mr. Arora once again graced the stage and asked the attendees why everyone should choose CP Plus. The audience gave him an enthusiastic answer which he appreciated.

Founded in 2007 in Germany, CP Plus is known as the most prefered brand in the global security industry. The company now operates in over 60 countries worldwide including Germany, Czech Republic, South Africa, and some of the key countries in Asia such as Singapore, China, Taiwan, UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & India. All over the world, they have secured countless schools, government offices, hospitals and even private homes with their high-quality security products.

CP Plus press release 2016

Defining security is not an easy thing as it is a constant thing to work for. Absolute security doesn’t exist, but we can always look for the best way to simplify it for our own advantage. Acquiring a security system is just one of the ways we can do it.

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